System Permit Holder Permit Requisites Benefits and Notes Distance from Sol
Sol Federal Congress Federal Navy Rank: Petty Officer Capital of the Federation.
20% discount on Eagle MkII and 10% discount on Federal Dropship and Vulture at Daedalus.
Beta Hydri Beta Hydri Democrats Federal Navy Rank: Chief Petty Officer One of the five founding systems of the Federation. 24.31
Vega Vega Independents Federal Navy Rank: Chief Petty Officer 10% discount on Eagle MkII at Edmondson High. Access to Vega Slimweed rare commodity at Taylor City. 25.04
PLX 695 PLX 695 Values Party Federal Navy Rank: Warrant Officer Headquarters of military supplier In Depth Protection. 76.20
Ross 128 Social Ross 128 Coalition Federal Navy Rank: Ensign Location of the infamous Warren Prison Mine. 10.94
Exbeur Workers of Exbeur Democrats Federal Navy Rank: Lieutenant -- 56.07
Hors Workers of Hors Values Party Federal Navy Rank: Post Commander Headquarters of Brightlight Training. 57.06
4 Sextantis Unknown Unknown -- 145.66
CD-44 1695 Unknown Unknown -- 95.55
HIP 22460 Pleiades Resource Enterprise Unknown Rumored headquarters of covert military group Black Flight. 362.01
HIP 54530 HIP 54530 Gold Universal Group Unknown -- 130.98
LFT 509 Unknown Unknown -- 53.03
Mingfu Unknown Unknown -- 45.33
Witch's Reach Unknown Unknown -- 33.25
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