Elite Dangerous Wiki
Permits to these systems are controlled by the Federation or Federation-aligned minor factions.
System Permit Holder Permit Requisites Benefits and Notes Distance from Sol
Career Rank Permits
Sol Federal Congress Federal Navy Rank: Petty Officer Capital of the Federation.
20% discount on Eagle MkII and 10% discount on Federal Dropship and Vulture at Daedalus.
Bris Dekker (Engineer) at Dekker's Yard.
Beta Hydri Beta Hydri Democrats Federal Navy Rank: Chief Petty Officer One of the five founding systems of the Federation. 24.31
Vega Vega Independents Federal Navy Rank: Chief Petty Officer 10% discount on Eagle MkII at Edmondson High.
Vega Slimweed (Rare Commodity) at Taylor City.
PLX 695 PLX 695 Values Party Federal Navy Rank: Warrant Officer Headquarters of military supplier In Depth Protection. 76.20
Ross 128 Social Ross 128 Coalition Federal Navy Rank: Ensign Location of the infamous Warren Prison Mine. 10.94
Exbeur Workers of Exbeur Democrats Federal Navy Rank: Lieutenant -- 56.07
Hors Workers of Hors Values Party Federal Navy Rank: Post Commander Headquarters of Brightlight Training. 57.06
Faction Reputation Permits
4 Sextantis 4 Sextantis Inc Become Allied with 4 Sextantis Inc and complete invitation mission(Blocked) -- 145.66
CD-44 1695 Unknown Unknown -- 95.55
HIP 54530 Silver Legal Group Permit mission offered at Grasp of Unity in Ts'ao Tach(Odyssey only) Headquarters of Core Enterprises and the defunct corporate republic Jupiter Division. 130.98
LFT 509 Unknown Unknown -- 53.03
Mingfu Unknown Unknown -- 45.33
Witch's Reach Unknown Unknown -- 33.25