The following table is a list of independent systems that are permit-locked. In most cases, barring other requirements, the permits for these systems can be obtained by Allying with the permit holder minor faction and accepting a permit invitation mission. These missions are only offered in systems that are within a 20 ly radius of the permit-locked system, provided that the minor faction has a presence there.

System Permit Holder Permit Requisites/Systems with Faction Presence Benefits and Notes Distance from Sol
Shinrarta Dezhra Pilots Federation Local Branch Requires attaining Elite in Combat, Trade, or Exploration. Headquarters of the Pilots Federation.
10% discount on all Ships and Modules at Jameson Memorial.
CD-43 11917 CQC Holdings Requires attaining Prestige in CQC. Headquarters of the CQC Championship.
20% discount on certain Ships, 30% on certain Modules at Attilius Orbital.
Crom Crom Silver Boys 69 G. Carinae, Bembarriosk, Herthe, Laifangyi, Trukampasuk Crom Silver Fesh (Rare Commodity) at Chorel Survey 56.46
Jotun Dukes of Jotun Blanquichu, Caleta, Djaujang, Moha, Nangura, NLTT 9032 Jotun Mookah (Rare Commodity) at Icelock 122.14
Terra Mater Brotherhood of Terra Mater Hecate, MCC 378 Terra Mater Blood Bores (Rare Commodity) at Gr8minds 69.73
Sirius Sirius Corporation Almagest, Avik, Ceos, HIP 8396, Luyten 674-15, Luyten's Star, Mildeptu, Procyon, Sothis, Takurua, Te Kaha Headquarters of Sirius Corporation.
Marco Qwent (Engineer) at Qwent Research Base
Isinor Chapter of Isinor 55 Virginis, 57 Virginis, Anek Wang, Anotchadiae, CD-24 10619, Chemaluk, Juparoin, Legees, LTT 5053, Maraudi, Parsaka, Reshas Convoy Beacon (Signal Source) 110.35
Hodack Hodack Prison Colony Amalangkan, Chuelchs, Delkar, Dhathaarib, Komovoy, LTT 4497, Minarii, Oguninksmii, Panopi, Pemoeri, Solati -- 79.63
LTT 198 LTT 198 Order Kigandan, LTT 377, Theta Sculptoris, UGP 619 -- 72.33
Luyten 347-14 Luyten 347-14 Prison Colony Fomalhaut, LHS 449, Narenses, Ross 780, Stopover -- 18.56
Nastrond Defence Party of Nastrond LP 295-2, Wonorne Nu -- 102.63
Peregrina Peregrina Aristocrats Arietis Sector DQ-Y c16, Arietis Sector DQ-Y c18, Bletae, Gaezatorix, HIP 18609, HIP 18843, HIP 19157, HIP 21179, Kagutsuchi, Kara, Obamumbo -- 202.73
Pi Mensae Pi Mensae Brotherhood Alpha Chamaelontis, Ehi, LAWD 27, LP 91-140, Mazahuanses, Ngugira, Walgan, Xib Cail -- 59.72
Tiliala Conservatives of Tiliala Akandinigua, Anukam, Arannos, Bedaho, CD-51 2650, CD-59 1724, Duloskitoke, Kaun, Paiphu, Uhlan, Varpet -- 86.98
The Black Fleet Leucos, Skardee, Varpet
van Maanen's Star Sublime Order of van Maanen's Star Epsilon Eridani, IL Aquarii, NLTT 55164, Tau Ceti, TZ Arietis, YZ Ceti -- 13.91
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