A rare anarchy system that maintains a powerful industrial economy. Also known as Gamma Ursae Majoris and Phad.

The home system for The Ancients of Mumu who are adherents to the entity "Mumu". Their aim is to maintain the substance and nature of their society and protect their home system from incursion by any non-believers. Founded in the 12th century, while still planet bound on Mother Earth, the (then) Adherents of Mumu sought to better their environment for the benefit of others.

When the first generation ships were due to leave Earth their society sought to colonise a system far from Earth as they believed that Earth itself was not worth saving. The colonists, by and large, survived the journey, arriving several hundred years ago. A significant proportion of the first settlers had developed a sincere hatred of space travel by the time they made first landing.

Since their arrival they have grown particularly attached to their home and have transformed into a community that is fiercely protective of its chosen system and resistant to any attempts at visitation by those who have not been granted access.

— In-Game Description

Phekda is a system that is home to the Player Minor Faction The Ancients of Mumu.

System Layout

  • Phekda
    • Phekda 1
      • Haynes's Hole
    • Phekda 2
      • Phekda 2 A
        • Jones Horizons (Settlement)
        • Low Survey (Settlement)
    • Phekda 3
    • Phekda 4
      • Nirvana
      • New California
      • Topaz
        • Lee Relay (Coriolis)
    • Phekda 5
      • Ousey
    • Phekda 6
      • Francis's Wreck
        • Hambly Market (Surface Port)
        • Leckie Town (Surface Port)
        • Fort Gonzalez (Orbis)

Minor Factions

  • Alioth Independents (Democracy, Alliance)
  • Independent Phekda Union (Communism, Alliance)
  • Perez Ring Brewery (Corporate, Alliance)
  • Phekda Legal Corp. (Corporate, Independent)
  • Phekda Limited (Corporate, Independent)
  • Phekda Society (Anarchy, Independent)
  • The Ancients of Mumu (Corporate, Independent)
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