Sidewinder Cockpit Interface

This guide is designed to help a new or experienced pilot get the most out of their spacecraft. It uses the Faulcon DeLacy Sidewinder as an example, but the concepts are applicable to all ships in the universe of Elite Dangerous.



Commander stats in the Codex

The Codex shows information and stats of your findings, progress, session logs and a curated archive of your discoveries.

The Homepage has the most important stats with a full body image of your Commander. You can customize the appearance with Holo-Me.

The Discoveries section shows 42 galactic regions with things that players found and things that aren't discovered yet. For example within a star system there are stars, planets, terrestrials, gas giantsspecies, settlements, generation ships, text and audio logs etc.

The Knowledge Base has encyclopedia-style lore topics about e.g. historical events, important characters, factions and alien species.

The Pilot's Handbook has detailed information about possible activities, ship outfitting and more. There's also a news feed.


It is recommended that that new pilots check the following guides. Note that some guides may have outdated information.

For support issues it is recommended you check the following places before submitting a ticket:

Pilot Training

These videos outline the basics of Elite Dangerous and are recommended for all new players.

Fan-Made Video Guides

Ship HUD

The HUD, also known as a "head-up display" or "heads-up display", is how all information inside of a ship is displayed in Elite Dangerous.


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