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Pioneer Supplies is a general store chain found at Concourses. They offer a wide variety of purchasable handheld weapons, suits, and consumables for commanders.[1] A given store location's inventory is refreshed each week. Sometimes a store has exclusive pre-Engineered suits and weapons for a premium price.


ED Odyssey Pioneer Supplies Remlok

Pioneer Supplies store

Each Pioneer Supplies store offers a selection of items based the local government and economy types. Jameson Memorial in Shinrarta Dezhra and i Sola Prospect in Brestla offer the most complete selection, but do not sell E-Breaches, which are illegal items that are only available at ports controlled by Anarchy and Communism minor factions.

Standard items[]

All standard suits and weapons are available in Grade 1 quality.

Premium items[]

Occasionally, a Pioneer Supplies store may offer premium items for sale. These unique exclusive items are meant for the most enthusiastic clients.[2] Premium suits and weapons are between Grade 2 and Grade 5 in quality, and may have one or more Engineering modifications already attached. They cost substantially more than unmodified Grade 1 suits and weapons. Once a unique exclusive item is purchased from a specific Pioneer Supplies store, it is sold out.[2] So the premium item is unavailable for other commanders at that specific store.[2] Restocking of premium items happens once per week, usually on Thursday.