Class 4 Plasma Accelerator

Energy projectile weapon on fixed mount.

— In-Game Description

A Plasma Accelerator is a weapon module that fires slugs of superheated plasma. Although they are powerful weapons, their projectiles travel relatively slowly, and they require a brief period to recharge after each shot.


Military battleships, cruisers and also space stations are often equipped with this weapon. They're also fitted to large trading ships and passenger liners operating in the more dangerous regions of space.

Even a Small Plasma Accelerator will destroy a well armed hundred tonne ship with a single shot. The large version has been known to be used as a planetary assault weapon, destroying selected areas of cities from orbit. This has a devastating effect on the local population, because the terrifying noise of the beam cutting through the atmosphere can be heard for hundreds of kilometers, and will deafen anyone unprotected in the vicinity.

In use, their projectiles move relatively slowly (875 m/s); this and the lack of gimballed variants make them challenging to use, especially against smaller targets. However, they have among the highest raw damage ratings of any weapon and much of this damage ignores the various resistances of shields, hull and armoured Bulkheads; it also completely ignores Armour Hardness. On top of all that, it is also a thermal attack (not to be confused with thermic), meaning it adds to the heat of any ship it hits.

The drawbacks include the high level of pilot skill required to use them effectively (especially against smaller targets), and their huge energy requirements and thermal load. The latter make them inadvisable to use alongside other energy weapons such as beam lasers and can force a pilot to limit their rate of fire.

They are available for class 2, 3 and 4 hardpoints and are among the most expensive weapons to purchase and operate.


Class Rating Mass
Integrity Power
Damage Armour
ROF/s DPS Thermal
Clip Size
2 C 4.00 40 1.430 Fixed Absolute, Thermal, Kinetic 54.3 100 0.3 17.9 15.6 5 100 834,200
3 B 8.00 51 1.970 Fixed Absolute, Thermal, Kinetic 83.4 100 0.3 24.2 21.8 5 100 3,051,200
4 A 16.00 80 2.630 Fixed Absolute, Thermal, Kinetic 125.3 100 0.3 31.31 29.5 5 100 13,793,600


This weapon can be modified by Engineers to enhance its abilities.


The following modifications can be applied to this module:

Experimental Effects

The following Experimental Effects can be applied to the module:


  • The Plasma Accelerator fires a ball of plasma every 3 or 4 seconds, and is only good for direct fire.
  • 3 shots will take out a Type-9 shield and another 3 shots for the hull. Damage per shot is upwards of 35% to 14% depending how it hits.
  • Any Plasma Accelerator (regardless of size) using Plasma Slug requires approximately 110 kilograms (0.11 tons) of fuel per reload (where one reload is five shots).
  • Maximum range is 3500m, but Damage Falloff begins at 2000m.
  • Main problem is overheating after just 3 or 4 shots, best used with a few projectile weapons as if you use lasers the ship heats up too fast and then you can't fire the Plasma Accelerators.
  • Hard to hit very maneuverable ships; especially smaller ones.
  • Plasma Accelerators should not be mistaken for Plasma Repeaters, which are a small projectile weapon exclusive to the Scarab SRV and various Ship-Launched Fighter variants.



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