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Missile Defence. Automatically tracks and fires upon missiles and torpedoes in range when powered.

— In-Game Description

The Point Defence Turret is a utility module that is used to defend against hostile missiles, torpedoes, mines, and Hatch Breaker limpets.


Once activated, the Point Defence Turret will automatically target and shoot at any missiles, torpedoes, mines, and Hatch Breaker limpets within its 2.5 kilometer range and line-of-sight, including munitions fired by both hostile and friendly ships. Provided the module remains powered and has ammunition, it will continuously fire kinetic projectiles in four three-round bursts per clip to try and destroy the targets. This is not a perfect countermeasure, however, and hostile munitions in a blind spot or fired close enough to the ship have a moderate chance of impacting.

Point Defence Turret rounds have a large firing spread, meaning the module's accuracy significantly diminishes when targets are further away. Additionally, due to the positioning of utility mounts on many ship models, line-of-sight limitations may require multiple Point Defence Turrets to be installed to ensure the most complete coverage possible. Pilots who use fewer Point Defence Turrets can compensate by being aware of their positioning and rotating their ship to keep the Point Defence Turrets facing oncoming hostile munitions. If installed on ships intended for transport and cargo duty, Point Defence Turrets are best placed on utility slots on the ship's underside or adjacent to the cargo hatch in order to provide the best coverage against Hatch Breaker limpets.


Class Rating Mass (T) Integrity Power Draw Thermal Load Maximum Range (m) Burst Interval (s) Burst Rate of Fire (/s) Ammo Clip Size Ammo Maximum Value (CR)
0 I 1.30 30 0.200 0.07 2,500 0.2 15 12 10,000 18,546

Engineer Modifications[]

The following modifications can be applied to this module by Engineers to enhance its abilities:


  • The Point Defence Turret remains active even after landing on planetary surfaces, and will target munitions fired at the player's SRV if it is within the module's range. Energy missiles fired by Guardian Sentinels, which will target both ships and SRVs, will also be targeted by the Point Defence Turret.
  • Point Defence Turrets fire green-colored projectiles by default. Equipping a weapon colour Livery item will override the default colour.
  • Larger Settlements in Odyssey often feature large turrets that function in much the same role as shipborne PDTs. They will even attempt to shoot down the Scorpion's Aculeus missiles.