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Dav's Hope

Dav's Hope, an abandoned Settlement POI

Points of Interest (POIs) are objects and encounters found on the surface of landable planets and moons. Depending on the site type; Points of Interest may be persistent.

POI types

Some POI were added with ED: Horizons and ED: Beyond. Sites that only appear in ED: Odyssey usually have interactive features for On Foot or SRV activities.

Name Type Season Notes
Canyons Geology Horizons, Beyond
Craters Geology Horizons, Beyond
Fumarole Geology Horizons, Beyond
Ice Fumarole Geology Horizons, Beyond
Gas Vent Geology Horizons, Beyond
Geyser Geology Horizons, Beyond
Ice Geyser Geology Horizons, Beyond
Lava Spout Geology Horizons, Beyond
Mountains Geology Horizons, Beyond
Automated Mining Extractor Structure Horizons, Beyond
Cargo Canister Object Horizons, Beyond
Cargo Rack Object Horizons, Beyond
Data Point Object Horizons, Beyond
Occupied Escape Pod Object Horizons, Beyond
Materials Object Horizons, Beyond
Salvage Object Horizons, Beyond
Settlement Structure Horizons, Beyond
Shipwreck Structure Horizons, Beyond
Surface Port Structure Horizons, Beyond
Fumaroles Geological phenomena Horizons, Beyond
Gas Vents Geological phenomena Horizons, Beyond
Geysers Geological phenomena Horizons, Beyond
Lava Spout Geological phenomena Horizons, Beyond
Amphora Plant Lifeform Horizons, Beyond
Anemones Lifeform Horizons, Beyond
Bark Mound Lifeform Horizons, Beyond
Brain Tree Lifeform Horizons, Beyond
Crystalline Shard Lifeform Horizons, Beyond
Sinuous Tuber Lifeform Horizons, Beyond
Crashed Thargoid Ship Thargoid site Horizons, Beyond
Thargoid Barnacle Thargoid site Horizons, Beyond
Thargoid Barnacle Barb Thargoid site Horizons, Beyond
Thargoid Surface Site Thargoid site Horizons, Beyond
Thargoid Spire Thargoid site Odyssey
Ancient Ruins Guardian site Horizons, Beyond
Guardian Structure Guardian site Horizons, Beyond
Active Power Source Structure Odyssey
Artificial Structure Structure Odyssey
Conflict Zone Location Odyssey
Crash Site Wreckage Odyssey
Distress Beacon Wreckage Odyssey
Impact Site Wreckage Odyssey
Irregular Markers Wreckage Odyssey
Minor Wreckage Wreckage Odyssey
Nonhuman Signature Wreckage Odyssey
Settlements (Odyssey) Structure Odyssey
Surface Excavation Structure Odyssey
Aleoida Lifeform Odyssey
Bacterium Lifeform Odyssey
Cactoida Lifeform Odyssey
Clypeus Lifeform Odyssey
Concha Lifeform Odyssey
Electricae Lifeform Odyssey
Fonticulua Lifeform Odyssey
Frutexa Lifeform Odyssey
Fumerola Lifeform Odyssey
Fungoida Lifeform Odyssey
Osseus Lifeform Odyssey
Recepta Lifeform Odyssey
Stratum Lifeform Odyssey
Tubus Lifeform Odyssey
Tussock Lifeform Odyssey


Non-persistent POIs can be sought out in 2 ways:

  • Using the Wave Scanner of an SRV.
  • Flying a Ship at around 2 km above the surface. Blue circles on the scanner display mark areas which contain a Point of Interest. These fade out below 2km, vanishing fully at about 1.5km. Unless you spot the point of interest visually, it is best to land and switch to an SRV to use the Wave Scanner to finish tracking it down. Persistent POIs can be discovered by using the Detailed Surface Scanner to map a planet. These are primarily Geological or Biological POIs. Following the scan they are shown when approaching the planet and also in the System Navigation Panel.


Some points of interest are guarded by NPC soldiers, mercenaries and Skimmers, which have Bounties. The Skimmers are initially buried, and will unearth themselves when the POI is approached. Be on guard for potential reinforcements while scavenging.

If there is a trespass zone marked in red on the scanner display, lingering in it for too long will trigger the hostility of the skimmers. If the POI is in an area ruled by law and the skimmers do not have bounties, lingering in the trespass zone can also give fines and bounties.