Points of Interest (POIs) are encounters on the surface of planets and moons. They are not always persistent.

Non-persistent POIs can be sought out in 2 ways:

  • Using the Wave Scanner of an SRV.
  • Flying a Ship at around 2 km above the surface. Blue circles on the scanner display mark areas which contain a Point of Interest. These fade out below 2km, vanishing fully at about 1.5km. Unless you spot the point of interest visually, it is best to land and switch to an SRV to use the Wave Scanner to finish tracking it down.

Persistent POIs can be discovered by using the Detailed Surface Scanner to map a planet. These are primarily Geological or Biological POIs. Following the scan they are shown when approaching the planet and also in the System Navigation Panel.

Some points of interest are guarded by Skimmers, which may have Bounties. The skimmers are initially buried, and will unearth themselves when the POI is approached.

If there is a trespass zone marked in red on the scanner display, lingering in it for too long will trigger the hostility of the skimmers. If the POI is in an area ruled by law and the skimmers don't have bounties, lingering in the trespass zone can also give fines and bounties.

POI types

These are some POI types.


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