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A Pre-Built Ship is a package which includes instant-access to a pre-fitted ship, a ship kit, and a paintjob.[1] It's themed to match an in-game activity.[1] The purpose is to provide new and casual players with a solid start of their career without requiring to build ships from scratch.[1] This benefits players, because unlocking modules, outfitting and engineering ships is a complicated and time consuming grind.


The Pre-Built Ships (PBS) are fully outfitted. You can replace the weapons, optional internals, core internals and the utility mounts, However, you cannot take the modules of a Pre-Built Ship and swap them with other ships. The modules cannot be transferred to another ship. The included free modules cannot be stored. If you buy a replacement module then you can swap that one for e.g. an engineered module. Some PBS come with engineered and guardian modules.

You can't strip the modules off the pre-built ships and store them.[2] They can only be used on the pre-built ship, and if you remove them to replace them with different modules, you have to 'sell' them for 0 credits.[2]

  • You can indeed go to a station where you're not wanted, sell your Pre-Built Wanted ship and re-deploy it. The ship and all modules come back clean.[3]
  • Wanted status stays, as the bounty you gained is not cleared that way.
  • Notoriety stays, as it's not cleared that way either.

Effectively you can clean your ship immediately and that's it, which is not as bad as I thought it might be. If you try to move the modules to another ship you'f be prompted to clean them.[3]


Pre-built Ships cost ARX. They have average specs for a viable start so there is no pay-to-win in this regard. Anyone can purchase and engineer any ship for free and change it with better specs than a Pre-built Ship.

A PBS has 0 rebuy cost unless you customize the loadout. If the PBS is destroyed, you will receive all equipment as normal. The insurance cost is free for the components that are included with the PBS loadout. However, if you modify the ship with credit purchased modules then you would need to rebuy that cost.[4] If you sell the ship, you can redeploy it later as the original PBS edition. So you cannot lose a pre-built ship if you have insufficient credits, but it's not hard to earn enough credits. PBS are instantly deployable at places with a shipyard, and Fleet Carriers. PBS lack maintenance costs.

Available Pre-Built Ships[]

These are all the available Pre-Built Ships.

Name Model Features Description Cost Image
Python Mk II Stellar Python Mk II
  • High-Spec A-rated combat build
  • Venom Claret Paint Job
  • Strike Ship Kit
  • Python Mk II Shipyard Unlock
Strike fear into your enemies with the Stellar edition of the Python Mk II – built ready for immediate combat encounters with a killer look. 33000 ARX Python MkII Stellar
Python Mk II Standard Python Mk II
  • Python Mk II Ship
  • Python Mk II Shipyard Unlock
  • 3 months early access
Take to the Stars in the Python Mk II, Faulcon Delacy's latest iteration of the iconic vessel - equipped with enhanced supercruise overcharge capabilities. 16520 ARX Python MkII space
Laser Mining Jumpstart Type-6 Type-6
  • Specialised laser-mining loadout
  • 2 Pre-Engineered Mining Lasers for increased efficiency
  • Salvage White Paint Job
  • 12-Piece Ship Kit
Begin your road to riches with this pre-built Type-6. 25500 ARX Laser Mining Jumpstart Type-6
Exploration Jumpstart Diamondback Explorer Diamondback Explorer
  • Specialised long-range space exploration loadout
  • Guardian Frame Shift Drive Booster
  • Polarity Yellow Paint Job
  • 12-Piece Ship Kit
Venture further into the vastness of space with this pre-built Diamondback Explorer. 25500 ARX Exploration Jumpstart Diamondback Explorer
AX Combat Jumpstart Alliance Chieftain Alliance Chieftain
  • Specialised AX Combat Loadout
  • 2 Guardian Gauss Cannons with full resistance to the Anti-Guardian field
  • Stygian Green Paint Job
  • 12-Piece Ship Kit
Bring the pain to the Thargoids with this pre-built Alliance Chieftain - ideal for engaging with Titans and other Anti-Xeno activities. 25500 ARX AX Combat Jumpstart Alliance Chieftain