The President of the Alliance is a defunct office that served as the head of state of the Alliance from 3230 until 3305, when it was abolished.[1] Limited by the Alliance constitution, the presidency was a largely ceremonial position with practically no executive power compared to the Alliance Prime Minister, the head of government.[2][3] Originally, Alliance Presidents could be elected to a maximum of two one-year terms.[4]

Changes and Abolition

Following constitutional changes approved by the Alliance Assembly on October 26, 3304, the presidency's role was revised with the creation of the Office of the Alliance President, a non-political department that the Alliance President was tasked with overseeing. The Office consisted of a team of ambassadorial emissaries who focused on diplomatic functions, a responsibility formerly shouldered by individual Council Members. The Alliance President's term was also revised: instead of being able to serve up to two one-year terms, the Alliance President would from then on serve a single three-year term.[5]

Following the exposure of a far-reaching conspiracy masterminded by President Gibson Kincaid to concentrate executive power in the presidency and move the Alliance's political center from Alioth to Zaonce, with the eventual goal of allowing Kincaid to establish himself as the supreme ruler of the Alliance with absolute power, the Assembly removed Kincaid from office on June 13, 3305 and Alliance Interpol charged him and his co-conspirators with treason, murder, and corruption.[6]

On June 21, 3305, citing Kincaid's crimes as proof that the presidency was vulnerable to abuse, the Assembly approved another change to the constitution that abolished the presidency entirely. The former Office of the Alliance President was to be restructured under the oversight of Elijah Beck, who resigned from the Assembly to take on the role, and the new diplomatic department would be devoted entirely to non-political ambassadorial duties.[1]

List of known Alliance Presidents


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