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An alternative shield generator that has greater than normal strength but requires a higher power draw and weight allowance.

— In-Game Description

The Prismatic Shield Generator is a high-capacity Shield Generator variant capable of absorbing more damage at the cost of a higher power draw and a lower recharge rate than standard Shield Generators. It is a Power-specific loyalty reward for Aisling Duval supporters.


The Prismatic Shield Generator's shield strength is almost equal to the shield strength of a standard Shield Generator that is one class higher. This represents a 15-20% difference in shield strength between a Prismatic Shield Generator and a standard Shield Generator of the same class and rating. However, the Prismatic Shield Generator comes with twice the mass, significantly more power-draw, a higher price, and loyalty unlock requirements through Powerplay, which makes it less convenient to purchase as well as more difficult to use efficiently on most combat ships.

Multipurpose ships equipped for combat usually have less severe power management issues and thus the capability to use a Prismatic Shield Generator in combat, although other modules may have to be downgraded to accommodate it depending on the ship. For traders, however, the Prismatic Shield generator might be a welcome upgrade since most freighters should be able to cope with the power draw, especially since a ship outfitted for trading usually reserves its largest internal compartments for Cargo Racks, which do not require power. The only disadvantage in this case would be a slight decrease to jump-range due to the module's greater mass.


Class Rating Mass
Integrity Power
Draw (MW)
Regen Rate Regen Rate (Broken) Optimal
Hull Mass
Hull Mass
Value (CR)
1 A 2.60 48 2.520 1 1.2 25.0 63.0 132,195
2 A 5.00 61 3.150 1 1.2 55.0 138.0 240,336
3 A 10.00 77 3.780 1 1.3 165.0 413.0 761,868
4 A 20.00 96 4.620 1 1.7 285.0 713.0 2,415,120
5 A 40.00 115 5.460 1 2.3 405.0 1,013.0 7,655,930
6 A 80.00 136 6.510 1 3.2 540.0 1,350.0 24,269,297
7 A 160.00 157 7.350 1.1 4.2 1,060.0 2,650.0 76,933,668
8 A 320.00 180 8.400 1.4 5.4 1,800.0 4,500.0 243,879,729

Purchase Locations[]

Class Rating System Station Discount
All All 36 Persei Rodrigues Dock 15% discount
All All LP 583-82 Wells Gateway
All All Parta Forstchen Mine
All All GCRV 61007 Ohm Dock
All All Balis Vyssotsky Works
All All Fugen Nones Nylund Plant
All All Jeterait Vardeman Settlement
All All Delta Doradus Terry Survey


Prismatic Shield Generator green shields

Anaconda running a PSG with shields activating

  • The Prismatic Shield Generator shows some green colour in addition to the blue effect when a shield is being hit, allowing other ships to visually identify the type of shield used.