An alternative shield generator that has greater than normal strength but requires a higher power draw and weight allowance.

— In-Game Description

The Prismatic Shield Generator (PSG) is a stronger Shield Generator capable of taking more damage at the cost of a higher power draw and a lower recharge rate. This shield type is power-specific for Aisling Duval supporters.


This shield can be purchased once the player has pledged their allegiance to Aisling Duval for 4 or more weeks and has achieved a rating of rank 3 or higher.

As soon as the player unlocks the Prismatic Shield Generator all large stations (even in hostile systems) will sell it for all module-classes from 1A - 8A.[citation needed]


Class Rating Mass
Integrity Power
Draw (MW)
Hull Mass
Hull Mass
Value (CR)
1 A 2.60 A 2.520 25.0 63.0 132,195
2 A 5.00 A 3.150 55.0 138.0 240,336
3 A 10.00 A 3.780 165.0 413.0 761,868
4 A 20.00 A 4.620 285.0 713.0 2,415,120
5 A 40.00 A 5.460 405.0 1,013.0 7,655,930
6 A 80.00 A 6.510 540.0 1,350.0 24,269,297
7 A 160.00 A 7.350 1,060.0 2,650.0 76,933,668
8 A 320.00 A 8.400 1,800.0 4,500.0 243,879,729


  • The PSG shows some green colour in addition to the blue effect when a shield is being hit, allowing other ships to visually identify the type of shield used.
    Anaconda psg

    Anaconda running a PSG taking fire.

  • It increases the shield strength by roughly 15-20% compared to the normal Shield Generator of its class and rating. However they come with twice the mass, significantly more power-draw and a higher price, which makes them difficult to use efficiently on most Fighters. The only exception can be Multipurpose-ships equipped for combat, which usually have less severe power management issues and thus the capability to use PSG's for combat, although they might have to downgrade other modules, depending on the ship. For traders however PSG's might be a welcome upgrade since most Freighters should be able to cope with the power-draw, especially since the large compartments are used for cargo space. The only disadvantage is the slightly decreased jump-range due to the mass of the PSG. Note that with since the release of 2.1, the use of Engineers may alter these considerations and make PSGs practical for a wider variety of ship types, due to power plant modification.

Direct Comparison Edit

As mentioned in the comment section a PSG's shield strength is almost equal to an NSG's (normal Shield Generator) shield strength of the class above.

With that in mind here's a direct comparison between normal & prismatic shield generators, with various amounts of shield boosters, on an Anaconda:

7A Normal + 1x 0A Shield Booster 7A Prismatic w/o Shield Booster 6A Prismatic + 1x 0A Shield Booster
shield strength 714 MJ 700 MJ 728 MJ
power draw 6.10 MW 7.35 MW 7.71 MW
cargo space 128 tonnes 128 tonnes 64 tonnes
7A Normal + 3x 0A Shield Boosters 7A Prismatic + 2x 0A Shield Boosters 6A Prismatic + 3x 0A Shield Boosters
shield strength 952 MJ 980 MJ 972 MJ
power draw 8.50 MW 9.75 MW 10.11 MW
cargo space 128 tonnes 128 tonnes 64 tonnes
7A Normal + 5x 0A Shield Boosters 7A Prismatic + 4x 0A Shield Boosters 6A Prismatic + 5x 0A Shield Boosters
shield strength 1,190 MJ 1,260 MJ 1,214 MJ
power draw 10.90 MW 12.15 MW 12.51 MW
cargo space 128 tonnes 128 tonnes 64 tonnes

The cargo space row in the table above shows how much cargo space each shield "takes up" through the compartment being unavailable to mount a Cargo Rack. This is a significant fraction of any trader's maximum cargo space - 14% for the Anaconda in the example above, and 16% for an Imperial Cutter that replaces an 8A Shield Generator with an 7A Prismatic.

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