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Lichfield Class Prison Ship

A Prison Ship is a type of Bulk Cruiser Megaship. It is a mobile prison facility used to confine convicted criminals in space, away from terrestrial population centers. Some Prison Ships may also be used to securely transport prisoners to other facilities.


Name Class & ID Flight Plan Current System Planet Notes
Alcatraz Class Prison Ship JJF-048 None HIP 17692 A 3 Attacked by Thargoids
Alcatraz Class Prison Ship SSC-852[1] Milscothach, Luyten 347-14, LHS 332, LFT 926, LHS 332, Luyten 347-14 LFT 926
Alcatraz Class Prison Ship Mu Gong Reformatory Mu Gong, Zlotrighhu, Sarahath, HIP 1572, Cubeo, HIP 1914 HIP 1572 4
Bellmarsh Class Prison Ship DLV-812[2] Pohnpet, Timocan, Heretia, HR 1613, Heretia, Timocan HR 1613
Lichfield Class Prison Ship FXS-495 Harpetet, Jangbon, Mongira, Rusamai, Mongira, Jangbon Jangbon 2
Riker Class Prison Ship RMS-619 None Veroklist 2 CG reward[3]
Riker Class Reformatory SUH-861 Suhte, HIP 114099, Aknango, Leschanatya, Aknango, Popon Suhte B 6
Riker Class Prison Ship TFL-853[4] Imiutli, Segobo, Guarada, Segobo, Imiutli, Yarrinic Imiutli