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Profile Analyser

The Profile Analyser is a pilot tool introduced in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. It has two modes: Scan Mode, which can scan a target for basic personal information, and Profile Cloning Mode, which illegally clones a target's security authorisation profile at a settlement.[1] It is equipped with the Flight Suit, Maverick Suit, Dominator Suit, and Artemis Suit.


The Profile Analyser is used to identify specific settlement personnel, as well as any Goods they may be carrying and their security authorisation level, with its Scan Mode. Deceased individuals can be scanned to acquire any bounties they may have for redemption.

The device's secondary function, Profile Cloning Mode, can digitally clone a target's security authorisation, which can then be used to gain access to otherwise restricted settlement facilities. Using Profile Cloning Mode is an illegal action, and will trigger settlement security and a fine if caught. A cloned profile is stored in the user's inventory, and can be discarded manually through the InSight Hub or instantly via the "Clear Authority Level" keybind.

Settlement personnel assigned to guard duty carry Profile Analysers to scan visitors. Commanders must submit to a scan upon request, or else they will trigger the settlement's security response and will be shot on sight. Even if Commanders clone a profile without being caught, a security scan by personnel will recognize it as stolen and trigger settlement security.