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Pulse scanner that gathers data about capital-class alien vessels, intended for use with Thargoid Titans, though it can analyse smaller xeno vessels.

— In-Game Description

The Pulse Wave Xeno Scanner is a utility module. It is a modified AX Xeno Scanner that uses electromagnetic technology found in Pulse Wave Analysers to identify points of interest on a Thargoid Titan. [1]

Following the discovery of Thargoid Titans in May 3309, the Pulse Wave Xeno Scanner was released in June 3309.[2] In September, the module was upgraded to detect human life signs. [3]

This module allows pilots to find limpet points, where they can use Research Limpets to extract tissue samples from Thargoid Titans. It also identifies sub-surface storage chambers, allowing ships equipped with extraction missiles to release humans held inside these chambers. The Pulse Wave Xeno Scanner also retains all the capabilities of the AX Xeno Scanner; it can passively scan and identify Thargoid Interceptors, Scouts and Hunters, and can perform an active scan to analyse these vessels' internal modules.


Class Rating Mass (T) Integrity Power

Draw (MW)


Range (KM)


Time (S)

Value (CR)
0 C 3.00 100 1.00 1.0 10 850,000

Purchase Locations[]

The Pulse Wave Xeno Scanner is available for purchase at rescue megaships.


  • The Pulse Wave Xeno Scanner has two functions in the ship's fire groups: a pulse wave scan on Thargoid Titans, and an active scanner for smaller Thargoid vessels.
  • The Pulse Wave Xeno Scanner is not required to target a Thargoid Titan's heat vents. As a result, ship builds focused on damaging Thargoid Titans do not need to equip this module.