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Recepta Conditivus

Extremophiles that are found exclusively on planets with atmospheres dominated by sulphur dioxide. Using a combination of inorganic and hydrocarbon materials, they build a shielding bubble. This allows them to create an isolated biome with regulated temperature and chemical composition. Growth is a difficult and complex process that requires careful melting, regrowing and freezing of the external shell so that the internal organism can develop. This is a gradual process, meaning that larger recepta are of significant age. Reproduction is also similarly complex and revolves around a budding process, which creates a smaller version of the adult. Once detached, it can roll under the action of gravity and air currents before coming to rest, where it will deploy a holdfast marking its final position.

— In-Game Description

Recepta are a species of alien organism found on planets and moons with thin atmospheres across the galaxy. They can be sampled with the Genetic Sampler and scanned with the Short Range Composition Scanner.


There are three known types of Recepta:

  • Recepta Conditivus
  • Recepta Deltahedronix
  • Recepta Umbrux


System Planet Coordinates Type Reported By
Synuefe DV-G c13-11 A 4 Conditivus CMDR O.s.
Eolls Priae ZQ-C d13-13 10 G -47.8488, 25.1442 Deltahedronix CMDR Methan Disery
Hypoe Ploe LI-S d4-40 2 B 33.5231, -18.0872 Umbrux CMDR Methan Disery