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So long as the Refinery module is powered chunks of asteroid can be scooped and the resources trapped within can be assigned to an available bin using the cockpit interface. Each chunk will have varying amounts of different resources so the bins are used to accumulate them individually. Once a bin is full of a particular resource a single unit of cargo of that resource will be generated and stored in the cargo hold. Undesired resources can be vented into space.

— In-Game Description

A Refinery is one of the required modules for miners. It takes scooped asteroid fragments and turns them into a sellable commodity.

Any resource contained in the last fragment you have scooped will automatically be placed in the refinery for further processing.

How it works[]

To refine the fragments, go to the refinery (can be accessed through the Systems Panel - on your right) and pick which resource types you would like to refine. Picking a resource will refine it and place it in one of the refinery's bins. Note that a given fragment can contain more than one type of resource, but a refinery bin can only hold one type of resource at a time. This is one of the reasons why it is convenient to have a refinery with many bins. You may also choose to discard, or "vent", any unwanted resources.

Another good reason for having many refinery bins is that you will rarely, if ever, come upon a fragment from which you can refine enough to fill a bin completely in one go. So having enough bins to store several kinds of resources at a time is a good idea. Also, a partially filled bin will automatically be filled up further the next time you pick up a fragment containing the resource in that bin, saving you from having to manually push the resource to a bin.

Upon acquiring 100% of a given resource, the filled bin will empty, turn the resource into a cargo canister containing one tonne of the resource, and place it in your cargo hold. A readily sellable commodity. Any remaining resource will be left in the resource bin. Example: You have a bin containing 90% of a resource. You then refine a fragment containing 24% of that resource. You are left with a shiny new cargo canister containing one tonne of the resource and a refinery bin containing 14% of the resource.


Even though your cargo hold is completely full, each full refinery bin is a de facto tonne of cargo. You will notice that a 100% full refinery bin will turn into a tonne of cargo as soon as you free up space in your hold.

Note that if you free up cargo space by selling cargo in the commodities market, you will have to exit and re-enter the commodity market after selling said cargo for the change to be reflected. (this was tested on 19 August 2015, and the full tons in the refinery moved straight to the commodity market without any action.)


Only one refinery can be equipped on a ship at a time.

Class Rating Mass (T) Integrity Power
Value (CR) CR / bin
1 E 0.00 A 0.140 1 6,000 6,000
1 D 0.00 E 0.180 1 18,000 18,000
1 C 0.00 A 0.230 2 54,000 27,000
1 B 0.00 A 0.280 3 162,000 54,000
1 A 0.00 A 0.320 4 486,000 121,500
2 E 0.00 A 0.170 2 12,600 6,300
2 D 0.00 A 0.220 3 37,800 12,600
2 C 0.00 A 0.280 4 113,400 28,350
2 B 0.00 A 0.340 5 340,200 68,040
2 A 0.00 A 0.390 6 1,020,600 170,100
3 E 0.00 A 0.200 3 26,460 8,820
3 D 0.00 A 0.270 4 79,380 19,845
3 C 0.00 A 0.340 6 238,140 39,690
3 B 0.00 A 0.410 7 714,420 102,060
3 A 0.00 A 0.480 8 2,143,260 267,907.5
4 E 0.00 A 0.250 4 55,566 13,891.5
4 D 0.00 A 0.330 5 166,698 33,339.6
4 C 0.00 A 0.410 7 500,094 71,442
4 B 0.00 A 0.490 9 1,500,282 166,698
4 A 0.00 A 0.570 10 4,500,846 450,084.6

Engineer Modifications[]

The following modifications can be applied to this module by Engineers to enhance its abilities: