Remlok is the main provider of outfitting for pilots. It manufactures multi-tool boxes that are in some ships, the Remlok Suit which is a pilot flight suit and the Life Support Remlok, protecting pilots from the vacuum of space when the canopy is breached by deploying a Survival Mask that provides oxygen and pressurized environment.[1]

Minor Faction

The minor faction Remlok Industries is based in Bragurom Du. Rumors say that they are working on a secret project with Lakon Spaceways.

It is an industrial group developing high technologies for the galactic community. Affiliated mainly to the Alliance and its Prime Minister Edmund Mahon, Remlok industries also belongs well with the independents and supporters of Li Yong-Rui.[2]

Science, Technologies and Diplomacy are their main Core culture values. Their scientists have done a lot of experiments and researches on Alien matters such as the Thargoids and the Guardians, leading to interesting discoveries.


"Remlok Industries is a well-known galactic corporation, extending its main economic sphere around the Bragurom Du system. The high-tech station, established in the system since 3300, produces high quality materials and modules, as well as Remlok components. The corporation builds a strong market and strengthens its brand of Remlok equipments."



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