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Remote Release Flechette Launcher

Flechette launcher capable of firing a remotely detonated flechette round. Hold trigger to delay detonation of flechettes.

— In-Game Description

The Remote Release Flechette Launcher is a remote release launcher that can be unlocked through a Technology Broker.


This weapon shares similarities with the Remote Release Flak Launcher. Holding down the weapon fire will launch a dumbfire missile directly ahead. When in range, the indicator will flash red to alert the player to release and detonate the missile, exploding it into a ball of metallic shards. The metal shards appear to persist for a short while, but appear to deal no damage after initial activation.

The most noteworthy aspect of this weapon is its interaction with shields. It will bounce off an active shield without detonating, but, the weapon is still active. Releasing the fire button in close proximity to a shielded target will cause the target to receive hull and module damage, as well as inflicting the Hull Breach debuff. It has 100% chance per hit at max and minimum integrity to cause a hull break, increasing damage dealt to the modules of a target vessel from all other weapons.


Different modes of the Remote Release Flechette Launcher can be permanently unlocked for purchase by providing the following Materials to a Human Technology Broker:


Class Rating Mass
Integrity Power
Draw (MW)
Damage Armour
ROF DPS Thermal
Clip Size
2 A 4.00 51 1.20 Fixed Kinetic 13 80 0.5/s 6.5/s 3.6 1 72 353,760
2 A 4.00 51 1.20 Turret Kinetic 13 70 0.5/s 6.5/s 3.6 1 72 1,279,200

Purchase Locations

The Remote Release Flechette Launcher is available for purchase at all stations where a Human Technology Broker is present after the module has been unlocked.

Class Rating Weapon Mode System Station
2 A Fixed, Turret Altair Solo Orbiter
2 A Fixed, Turret LHS 134 Alas City
2 A Fixed, Turret Wolf 124 Willis Port
2 A Fixed, Turret Hambula Payne Horizons
2 A Fixed, Turret Belobog al-Haytham City
2 A Fixed, Turret 6 Ceti Serrao Orbital
2 A Fixed, Turret Epsilon Cygni Grant Terminal
2 A Fixed, Turret Agwe Sadi Carnot City