This system is famed for its inhabitants' eccentric love for tourists, but is plagued by deadly earthquakes.

In April 3301 the system was taken by pirates but swiftly liberated by the Alliance.

— In-Game Description

Reorte is a system in the Old Worlds region. It is the headquarters of renowned shipbuilder Faulcon DeLacy.


Reorte was among the second wave of systems colonised in the Old Worlds region in the early 25th century.[1] By the 28th century, the shipbuilding company Faulcon Manspace was founded in the system, and quickly rose to prominence following the success of its first fighter design, the original Viper. In 2982, Faulcon Manspace merged with one of its largest licensed manufacturers, deLacy ShipWorks, to create Faulcon DeLacy, which has held the title of the largest independent ship manufacturer in the galaxy ever since.[2] As one of the Old Worlds, Reorte was a founding member of the Galactic Cooperative.[1]

By 3300, Reorte had become a member of the Alliance. Early in April 3301, a local pirate group launched an insurgency in Reorte in a bid to seize control of the Lave cluster. The pirates captured the Starport of Davies High and declared the region would be renamed "New Caribbean". After three weeks of fighting, the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps (AEDC) successfully liberated Reorte using undercover agents and local minor factions.[3]

In December 3305, Reorte was selected to host the Alliance's week-long end-of-year festivities. Billions of people flocked to the system, including traders, performance artists, and chefs. A synchronous multi-continental fireworks display was conducted on the planet Home, and Davies High featured a culinary celebration with dishes from across the galaxy. The Reorte Mining Coalition organised a Community Goal to supply the event, and Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon oversaw the opening and closing ceremonies as the guest of honour.[4][5]

System Layout

  • Reorte (Class K Star)
    • Reorte A Belt
    • Reorte 1
    • Reorte 2
    • Reorte 3
    • Home
    • Reorte 5
      • Reorte 5 a
        • Alenquer Enterprise (Surface Port)
        • Baird Bastion (Surface Port)
        • Garcia Horizons (Surface Port)

Minor Factions

  • Alliance Rapid-reaction Corps (Cooperative, Alliance)
  • Reorte Democrats (Democracy, Alliance)
  • Reorte Focus (Dictatorship, Alliance)
  • Reorte Mining Coalition (Corporate, Alliance)
  • Reorte Pro-Alliance League (Patronage, Alliance)
  • Reorte Purple Dynamic Comms (Corporate, Independent)
  • Workers of Lave Liberals (Democracy, Alliance)


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