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The Republic of Achenar was an independent democratic republic that was founded by the anti-Federation activist Marlin Duval in the Achenar system in 2292. An idealistic vision of an alternative to the Federation, the Republic was governed by elected senators who represented the people. Following the death of Marlin Duval in an apparent aerial vehicle crash in 2296, however, her brother Henson Duval assumed control of the Republic's ruling council and began restructuring it into the Empire. Centuries after the short-lived Republic faded into history, its ideals persisted among the Imperial populace in the form of Marlinism, which sought to abolish the Empire's monarchy and restore the Republic's form of government in its place.


The dream of a Republic

In the mid-23rd century, the wealthy, outspoken socialite Marlin Duval became disillusioned with the increasing rigidity and corruption of the Federation's Earth-based government, and the stifling conformity of Federal society. She denounced the Federation and advertised for colonists to help her establish a new democratic government model as far away from Earth as possible. Her publicity campaign attracted much interest, but not all of the people who applied to join her were believers in democracy. Marlin assembled an expedition, and together with her family and her followers set out on a long, arduous journey to the seat of her great political experiment, a distant system recently discovered to have signs of life: Achenar.[1][2][3][4]

Marlin's fleet arrived in Achenar in 2292 and established a colony on the habitable moon Achenar 6d, marking the founding of the Republic of Achenar. The Republic's government was designed to evenly distribute political power throughout the colony. Its executive body consisted of an administrative council, and its legislative body was a senate of democratically-elected senators who provided fair and equal representation for the colony's citizens. As the colony's founder and a popular public figure, Marlin retained a great deal of political clout and enjoyed a position of influence within the council. Marlin also worked tirelessly to ensure that Achenar 6d's native sentient species, the pre-agricultural Mudlarks, were treated as equals alongside the human colonists. The idyllic colony quickly prospered, and within four years it achieved complete self-sufficiency.[1][2]

Rise of the Empire

In 2296, Marlin Duval, her partner, and her children all perished in a tragic aerial vehicle crash, and Marlin's brother Henson Duval succeeded her as the Republic's leader.[1][2][3] At the time, it was widely believed among the citizens of Achenar that Henson had arranged the so-called accident that killed his sister to seize power, but this was never proven, and it did not take long for it to become too dangerous to discuss the allegation openly.[4][2] Henson's abrupt ascent ushered in the fledgling Republic's demise. In short order, he disbanded the administrative council, concentrating all executive authority in himself, and declared the Republic's reformation into the autocratic Empire of Achenar.[1][2][3]

The egalitarianism and pacificism of Marlin's dream was gradually replaced with jingoism and authoritarianism. Henson fanned anti-Federation sentiment, making the case that his firm guidance would strengthen Achenar against the threat of Federal oppression, and used his growing wealth and influence to silence all dissent. The legal protections Marlin put in place for the Mudlarks were also rescinded or ignored, and in a few short years the entire species was rendered extinct, although the cause of this remained a matter of debate centuries later; Imperial scholars blamed the disaster on the unavoidable transmission of imported bacteria from humans to the Mudlarks, while Federal historians pointed to alleged decrees made by Henson ordering the mass-sterilisation of Achenar 6d's native biosphere to make way for terraforming and the expansion of the Achenar 6d colony.[4][2] Other significant changes Henson implemented included a social hierarchy modeled on patronage and the culture of ancient Rome, the restructuring of the Imperial Senate so that all senators were personally appointed by Henson, and the advent of a philosophy advocating the innate superiority of humanity.[4][5]

Henson's imperialist reforms and propaganda made him wildly popular, and eventually his rule was secure enough that he had carte blanche to decree that control of Achenar and any associated systems would henceforth be hereditary and pass only to his descendants, the Imperial Family. In 2320, Henson Duval was crowned the first Emperor.[1][2][6] So intense was Henson's hatred for his late sister and her principles that he also barred females from holding the Imperial Throne, a prohibition that remained in effect until the reign of Emperor Hengist Duval, and adopted a regimen of genetic engineering to prevent the birth of female heirs, a practice that his successors continued for several centuries.[3][2]


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