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Megaship Rescue Ship The Oracle

Rescue Ship - The Oracle, a Rescue Vessel that was stationed at The Oracle in Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55

A Rescue Vessel is a type of Flight Operations Carrier Megaship mostly owned and operated by the Pilots Federation, which deploys them to damaged stations. Unlike other known Megaships, Pilots Federation's Rescue Vessels lack unique names or designations, and are temporarily assigned the name of the station they are currently evacuating. As with all Flight Operations Carriers, these ships are equipped with 1 large, 2 medium, and 4 small Landing Pads.

Pilots who are docked within a station that becomes damaged are extracted and transferred to the local Rescue Vessel free of charge. Rescue Vessels have missions that request the recovery of salvage commodities from a damaged station's interior, and damaged stations have passenger missions that request the transportation of refugees to the Rescue Vessel. When repair work is begun on a damaged station the week following an attack, pilots still aboard are returned to the station and the Rescue Vessel departs.

In December 3308, when the Second Thargoid War got more intense and the Thargoids started pushing towards the core systems, this time accompanied by Thargoid Titans, the galactic superpowers (through aligned minor factions) and an independent organisation deployed their Rescue Vessels.[1] These have unique names and are permanently stationed in safe systems. Their purpose is to coordinate humanitarian support for afflicted systems, process millions of refugees and act as hubs for defence operations, offering AX weapons and equipment. They do not fly to evacuate damaged structures, which proved too dangerous for them. They rely on smaller ships to transport rescued people to them instead. Ships on stations in Thargoid controlled systems are also transferred into their hangars. In September 3309, they were moved closer to the front in a reaction to military successes.[2]


There are 11 Rescue Vessels not operated by Pilots Federation. They are marked on the maps.

Name Original System New System Affiliation
Federal Haven Altair Gera Federal Rescue Corps
Imperial Sanctum Cemiess Hixkaramu Imperial Rescue Service
Allied Solace Ross 112 Sun Wen Allied Rescue Team
Rescue Ship Bertschinger Tarach Tor Haritanis Independent Rescue Coalition
Rescue Ship Cavell Antai Koleti Independent Rescue Coalition
Rescue Ship Cornwallis Elli Mac Cimi Independent Rescue Coalition
Rescue Ship Foerster Yenistani Xinca Independent Rescue Coalition
Rescue Ship Hutner Enayex Telin Independent Rescue Coalition
Rescue Ship Kisseih Blest Triteia Independent Rescue Coalition
Rescue Ship Seacole Kanawas Chacocels Independent Rescue Coalition
Rescue Ship Yoshida Upsilon Aquarii Cornsar Independent Rescue Coalition

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