Rhizome Pods

These seed pods are so called because of their resemblance to the roots of certain terrestrial plants.

— In-Game Description

Rhizome Pods are seed pods found in Notable Stellar Phenomena. Unlike other spaceborne seed pods, the parent organism of Rhizome Pods has not been identified, and it is possible that they are entirely self-contained.

Types Edit

There are five known types of Rhizome Pod:

  • Candicens Rhizome Pod
  • Carpasinus Rhizome Pod
  • Cumatilis Rhizome Pod
  • Purpureus Rhizome Pod
  • Rubeus Rhizome Pod

Locations Edit

Rhizome Pods have been found at the following locations.

System Type Reported By
Hyphaups ON-K d8-1 Candicens CMDR Skyedrifter
Byiae Aick LX-U d2-0 Carpasinus CMDR Wrongway Mulligan

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