This system is most notable for its fabulous cuisine, but is beset by occasional civil war.

— In-Game Description

Riedquat is a Federal system and one of the Old Worlds. It has a population of 2 billion people. The economy is Industrial (anarchy).[1]


Riedquat was first explored in the early 25th century and became an offshoot colony of the first four of the Old Worlds: Lave, Leesti, Diso, and Zaonce. By the 2470s, as pirates and free traders moved into the prospering region, Riedquat was a politically-unstable system that became a safe haven for criminal elements, providing a staging ground for incursions into the wealthier Lave and Zaonce systems.[2]


The planet Waterloo (simpley called Riedquat until about 3190) started life as a promising colony world when it was first colonised in 2631. Though Riedquat had indigenous life, its was right on the margins, and the little life that existed there was tough enough to survive the harsh environment. This was the primary reason it took so long for it to be colonised.[3]

When it was settled, the introduction of powerful fertilisers allowed crops to be grown on the hard soil, but wihtin a few decades human-introduced rodents (introduced accidentally - reputedly from some pet mice) began to destroy crops en masse, and the rodent problem persists to this day, explaining the local name for Waterloo - 'Rat Hole'.[3]

Chaos in Riedquat

By 2679 the situation on Riedquat was dire - the whole world seemed to be in conflict and the continental governments stood on the brink of toppling. At the end of 2680 that indeed happened. Civil war persisted until there were no vestiges of government left.[4]

Somehow, the world's economy has survived, as trade remained a common, essential goal to the inhabitants of the world. Starports are classes as safe areas, as all Riedquat's population understood that the trade with other worlds was now the colony's only access to the things the world needed to stay alive. If anyone threatens these lifelines then that is one of the rare times the Riedquatiens can be seen to cooperate.[4]

The September Uprisings

By 2690, the government enforced in Riedquat by the Old Worlds Coalition began to fail as the largely off-world administration lost touch with the needs of the people. The bloody September Uprisings overthrew of the central government, and the bodies of its officials were heaped at the capital city's spaceport and reportedly topped by a brief message that spelled out exactly how unwelcome the Coalition was in the system. While Riedquat descended into a lawless and brutal anarchy that would persist for the next five centuries, the Coalition took their failure in the system to heart and went on to reorganize into the Galactic Cooperative in 2696.[2]



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