A Robot is a machine or artificial agent that performs pre-progammed tasks with limited autonomy. It's less advanced than an android. It has mechanical components and can run on a computer program or artificial intelligence. Robots come in all sorts of different forms, most don't resemble a human.[1]

Robots generally perform simple automated tasks such as repetitive and highly accurate production line tasks. They also act as avatars for remotely located humans in hazardous environments.[2]


Various corporations design and manufacture robots such as Achilles Corporation and MacArthur Mining Ltd.


Robots are legal in Federation, Empire, Alliance and Independent systems.[3]


  • PA912 is a robot model by Achilles Corporation that mainly does administration tasks.[4]
  • Xihe Biomorphic Companions are realistic robotic animal companions that use the latest technology and robotics. The manufacturer says it's better than nature and long-lasting. These robotic animals conform to appropriate legislation on artificial intelligence.[5]
  • DG090 is an autonomous model designed to extract and process minerals from asteroids using mining lasers, fusion drills, and excavator claws. It is produced by MacArthur Mining Ltd.[6]


01 DEC 3304

  • Achilles Corporation announced plans to replace all robots destroyed as a result of the recent spy robot scandal. The organisation has placed an open order for quantities of robotics, computer components and microcontrollers, which will be used to produce brand new PA912 administration robots.[7]


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