The Rochester family is a renowned Federal family that has been active in Federal politics, public service, and business for over two centuries. The Rochester name has become synonymous with wealth and success.[1]


The Rochester name can be traced back to self-made tycoon Apollo Rochester, who was the biggest landowner on Biggs Colony in the Altair system two hundred years ago. Each generation of Rochesters since has strived for fame and wealth, and the expression "as rich as a Rochester" has become common parlance among Federal citizens.[1]

While never a stranger to the spotlight in Federal space, the Rochesters became a household name throughout the rest of the Core Systems due to Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester's short-lived engagement to Princess Aisling Duval of the Empire.[1] The engagement was controversial in both the Federation and the Empire, however, and members of the Rochester family consequently came under personal and political attack for their association with it.[2] Following the wedding's cancellation, members of the Rochester family shied away from the media.[3]

The Rochester family was subsequently rocked by a scandal when the Mars Tribune revealed that actor Tomas Turai, husband of Jupiter Rochester, had been having a secret extramarital affair with Olympic athlete Reagan Lord for three years. Jupiter Rochester and the Rochester family remained silent about the claim, but both Tomas Turai and August Lord, the husband of Reagan Lord, announced that they would file suit against the Mars Tribune for defamation.[4]

List of members

Name Occupation Notes
Apollo Rochester[1] Tycoon The progenitor of the Rochester family. A self-made businessman who became largest landowner on Biggs Colony in Altair in the early 3100s.
Isolde Rochester Federal Congressman The current matriarch of the Rochester family, and mother of five. Influential member of the Liberal Party and staunch supporter of Shadow President Felicia Winters.
Jupiter Rochester[1] CEO of Core Dynamics[2] Eldest son of Isolde. Has a personal fortune in the billions. In 3289, married actor Tomas Turai and had two children, daughter Kali and son Kalen.
Jordan Rochester Federal Ambassador to the Empire Middle son of Isolde. Stationed on Emerald in the Cemiess system. His personal ship is the Farragut Battle Cruiser FNS Pioneer.[5] Formerly engaged to Princess Aisling Duval of the Imperial Family.[6]
Juno Rochester[1] Vice Admiral in the Federal Navy Eldest daughter of Isolde. Commanding officer of the Farragut Battle Cruiser FNS Pioneer.[5]
Jocasta Rochester[1] Post Captain in the Federal Navy Youngest daughter of Isolde.
Jonah Rochester[1] None Youngest son of Isolde. Regarded as the black sheep of the family.
Kalen Rochester[1] None Son of Jupiter Rochester and Tomas Turai.
Kali Rochester[1] Olympus Village University student[2] Daughter of Jupiter Rochester and Tomas Turai.


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