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The Rochester family is a renowned Federal family that has been active in Federal politics, public service, and business for over two centuries. The Rochester name has become synonymous with wealth and success.[1]


The Rochester name can be traced back to self-made tycoon Apollo Rochester, who was the biggest landowner on Biggs Colony in the Altair system two hundred years ago. Each generation of Rochesters since has strived for fame and wealth, and the expression "as rich as a Rochester" has become common parlance among Federal citizens.[1]

While never a stranger to the spotlight in Federal space, the Rochesters became a household name throughout the rest of the Core Systems due to Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester's short-lived engagement to Princess Aisling Duval of the Empire in 3304.[1] The engagement was controversial in both the Federation and the Empire, however, and members of the Rochester family consequently came under personal and political attack for their association with it.[2] Following the wedding's cancellation, members of the Rochester family shied away from the media.[3]

The Rochester family was subsequently rocked by a scandal when the Mars Tribune revealed that actor Tomas Turai, husband of Core Dynamics CEO Jupiter Rochester, had been having a secret extramarital affair with Olympic athlete Reagan Lord for three years. Jupiter Rochester and the Rochester family remained silent about the claim, but both Tomas Turai and August Lord, the husband of Reagan Lord, announced that they would file suit against the Mars Tribune for defamation.[4]

On December 26, 3304, Shadow President Felicia Winters appointed Congressman Isolde Rochester, the matriarch of the Rochester family, the new Shadow Vice President or deputy leader of the Liberal Party. Isolde's appointment occurred in response to the sudden retirement of the previous Shadow Vice President, Edgar Santiago, who went on to purchase a luxury starship despite not being known for extravagant spending.[5]

Jupiter Rochester disgraced

In January 3307, as Core Dynamics finalized the acquisition of Lakon Spaceways, it emerged that Jupiter Rochester was running the company in a potentially irresponsible manner, and had compartmentalized certain departments that were loyal to him alone under the informal label of "Jupiter Division". Some of Core Dynamics' directors were displeased with Jupiter, but tolerated him because his extensive connections reliably brought in a large number of military contracts.[6]

On February 5, after it was revealed that Jupiter had apparently conspired with Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent to assassinate President Jasmina Halsey by means of the Starship One disaster in 3301, Jupiter Division assumed control of the HIP 54530 Gold Universal Group minor faction and the HIP 54530 system in a coup, and began transporting ships and personnel there.[7] Jupiter Rochester fled to HIP 54530 to escape arrest. Given Jupiter's involvement in the Starship One plot, questions were raised about whether or not his family was also involved, and conspiracy theories swirled that he could be a member of a covert group of powerful figures.[8] On February 9, Jupiter broadcast a statement proclaiming himself the Supreme Executive of Jupiter Division, and explaining that the new faction was an independent corporate republic that would demonstrate the superiority of corporate rule.[9]

Isolde Rochester disavowed her eldest son on February 15, amid a conflict in HIP 54530 between Jupiter Division and Federal forces, and pledged her family's assistance in bringing Jupiter to justice.[10] When the Federal proxy Silver Legal Group defeated Jupiter Division on February 18, the Federal Intelligence Agency apprehended Jupiter Rochester and charged him for crimes related to his role in the Starship One disaster.[11] On February 22, Jupiter's husband Tomas filed for divorce, and Isolde took Jupiter and Tomas's children into her care.[12] Both Isolde and Jordan Rochester were absent from the Galactic Summit due to the ongoing fallout from the scandal.[12][13] On March 5, the Federal Justice Department sentenced Jupiter to life imprisonment in a maximum security facility without a trial. Isolde continued to deny her family's involvement in any of Jupiter's crimes.[14]

List of members

Name Occupation Notes
Apollo Rochester[1] Tycoon The progenitor of the Rochester family. A self-made businessman who became largest landowner on Biggs Colony in Altair in the early 3100s.
Isolde Rochester Vice Shadow President,
The current matriarch of the Rochester family, and mother of five. Influential member of the Liberal Party and staunch supporter of Shadow President Felicia Winters. Appointed Vice Shadow President in 3304.
Jupiter Rochester None Eldest son of Isolde. Formerly the CEO of Core Dynamics, with a personal fortune in the billions. In 3289, married actor Tomas Turai and had two children, daughter Kali and son Kalen. In 3301, funded the conspiracy to destroy Starship One. In 3307, absconded from Core Dynamics and founded the short-lived independent corporate republic Jupiter Division, then captured by Federal authorities and sentenced to life imprisonment for treason, mass murder, and other crimes.
Jordan Rochester Federal Ambassador to the Empire Middle son of Isolde. Stationed on Emerald in the Cemiess system. His personal ship is the Farragut-Class Battle Cruiser FNS Pioneer.[15] Formerly engaged to Princess Aisling Duval of the Imperial Family.[16]
Juno Rochester[1] Vice Admiral in the Federal Navy Eldest daughter of Isolde. Commanding officer of the Farragut-Class Battle Cruiser FNS Pioneer.[15]
Jocasta Rochester[1] Post Captain in the Federal Navy Youngest daughter of Isolde.
Jonah Rochester[1] None Youngest son of Isolde. Regarded as the black sheep of the family.
Kalen Rochester[1] None Son of Jupiter Rochester and Tomas Turai.
Kali Rochester[1] Olympus Village University student[2] Daughter of Jupiter Rochester and Tomas Turai. A student at Olympus Village University as of 3304.