S9 Goliath Skimmer

The S9 Goliath

Core Dynamics S9 'Goliath' skimmer – A very effective solution to your security needs. Using four surface thrusters this armoured and well-armed skimmer is the most effective on the market. Its greater cost means it is generally only used by military clients, and use is not permitted in some jurisdictions given their offensive abilities.

— Newsletter #94

The S9 Goliath, identified as Goliath when targeted, is a Core Dynamics remote-control Skimmer commonly used for security operations at high-security Settlements. It is assigned to patrol a specific area and use its weaponry to defend against intruders. The S9 Goliath is a heavily-upgraded variant of the S4 Sentry, and is equipped with a shield generator, heavy armor, and can be armed with either a missile launcher that can fire salvos of four missiles at a time or rapid-fire plasma repeaters.


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