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Sadiq Kessler served as the President of the Federation from 2599 to 2607.[1] He was the first Federal President to be elected following the implementation of new term limit rules passed by Federal Congress in 2594, which revised the president's tenure from a maximum of two four-year terms to a single eight-year term with an automatic vote of no confidence after the first four years.[2]

In 2600, President Kessler removed all charter requirements from Alioth's Federal Membership criteria, offering the system de-facto full membership in the Federation. Kessler hoped that the move would garner enough local support in Alioth to give the Federation a key advantage against the Empire in the ongoing struggle for control of the system. Instead, the offer divided Alioth's resistance movement, the Cakers, into pro-Federation and pro-independence factions. After a period of minor infighting, the pro-independence faction under Quentin Devises secured control of the Cakers and the planet Fruitcake in 2603. The failure of Kessler's gambit was confirmed in 2606, when Federal diplomats finally gained an audience with Devises only to be informed that their membership offer had been rejected.[3]


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