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Salvageable Wreckage is a type of signal source that can usually be found in systems hosting a search-and-rescue Community Goal. Salvageable Wreckage locations are static, orbit one or more planets in the system, and can be identified and selected in the Navigation panel of the HUD.

Signal Contents

Salvageable Wreckage contains a field of inert ship wreckage and up to five Salvage-type Commodities that can be handed in to a Search and Rescue Agent for a reward. Commodities include Occupied Escape Pods, Black Boxes, and Wreckage Components. The Commodities found at a specific Salvageable Wreckage site are persistent and not randomized, so if a site contains five Occupied Escape Pods which are then collected, leaving and returning to that same site will cause five more Occupied Escape Pods to spawn.

Occasionally, Salvageable Wreckage sites will also feature a single, neutral search-and-rescue ship patrolling the area. If a Salvageable Wreckage site is located within a planetary ring, then multiple pirates, bounty hunters, and security ships may also be present, similar to a Resource Extraction Site.