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"Salvation" is the alias used by a self-proclaimed "man of science" with an interest in Azimuth Biochemicals, a defunct 32nd century corporation that owned the megaships Adamastor and Hesperus. He claims that his research will save humanity from an unspecified threat that could cause its extinction. The Pilots Federation has opened an inquiry into Salvation, and issued a warning that Salvation's anonymity meant commanders risked collaborating with a potential criminal. It is believed by some security agencies that Salvation is the leader of an Aegis splinter group composed of rogue agents and stolen resources, but this has not been substantiated.

Salvation originally made himself known on April 8, 3307, when he contacted commanders who traveled to the Adamastor in the Chukchan system and downloaded an encrypted signal that had been received by a Listening Post aboard the vessel. He provided them with the Azimuth Biochemicals access code needed to decrypt the signal and trace its origin: the Hesperus. Salvation also contracted Taurus Mining Ventures to reward commanders who retrieved the Hesperus's four logs and turned them in at Hind Mine in T Tauri before May 21, 3307. On June 10, Salvation reached out again, directing commanders to follow a trail of beacons left by the Hesperus to find a missing Azimuth expedition. When the expedition's ship, the Proteus, was found at an ancient Guardian-Thargoid War battlefield, Salvation used Taurus Mining Ventures to press his exclusive claim to the site, bringing him into opposition with Aegis.

By September 3307, Salvation was developing an interstellar xeno-detection network that he intended to supplant Aegis's Eagle Eye array, as well as an anti-xeno superweapon capable of repelling Thargoids from an entire system. This superweapon has thus far succeeded in repulsing the Thargoids from Cornsar and three other systems. Some members of Aegis, foremost among them Admiral Aden Tanner and Professor Alba Tesreau, have asserted that Salvation is acting with a reckless disregard for human life by experimenting with unproven technologies and deliberately provoking the Thargoids.


Access Codes

Log No. Log Text
1/1 Pilot, this message is being sent due to your proximity to the Adamastor. I need your help to find out more about the signal it has received.

For now I cannot provide you with my credentials. Suffice to say that I am a man of science, unconnected with modern politics. I am recruiting agents to investigate the work undertaken by Azimuth Biochemicals two hundred years ago, which I believe to be of enormous scientific importance. Much has been lost in that time, but our dedication will allow us to rewrite history.

The immediate goal is to locate the source of the signal. You can download this by scanning the listening post that is contained onboard the Adamastor. I am unable to travel to the Chukchan system, so you must obtain this yourself.

I have transmitted a unique access key to your ship's computer, to allow you to read the signal's contents. I believe it contains locations data that has been rerouted through comminucations beacons. Unfortunately all details of these beacons have been lost, so your task is to find and decrypt them.

I shall be monitoring your progress remotely. Good luck.


Encrypted Logs from the Hesperus

Log No. Log Text
1/1 Salvation
Patience Middleton
This is a message for Commander [name]. I represent Taurus Mining Ventures. We have been contracted by 'Salvation' to collect the data you have gathered and recompense you for your efforts.

Please dock at Hind Mine in the T Tauri system and visit the mission board to collect your choice of reward: 2,000,000 credits or 10 units of Void Opals.

Note that this covert mission will not show up on your transactions panel.

The first 10 Commanders will be separately and additionally reimbursed for their efforts on delivery, to the sum of 100,000,000 credits. This may take a while to clear all the requisite credit checks.

'Salvation' has also instructed us to inform you that you will be contacted when the next stage is ready.


Log No. Log Text
1/1 Salvation
Commander, this is Salvation. Thank you for playing a part in finding the Hesperus megaship. I require your expertise again to fully resolve that mystery.

I need to learn what happened to the surviving crewmembers of the Hesperus. Although they abandoned ship nearly two centuries ago, it's possible they discovered something of scientific value.

The Hesperus began its journey from the Li Chul system. As a precautionary protocol, it deployed signal beacons approximately every 100 light years.

My agents have analysed the Hesperus's onboard systems and confirmed that only 17 beacons were launched. I assume this stopped when Pharmasapien took over the ship, and that they sabotaged the beacons to prevent Azimuth Biochemicals learning what happened.

Shortly after this point, survivors of the original crew escaped using one of the secondary craft, which were specially modified for long-range exploration. Therefore, my belief is that they made planetfall within 300 light years of wherever the last beacon is located.

I urge you to accept the task of finding all the beacons, and hopefully discover a trace of the survivors. Your efforts will aid me in my great work - preventing humanity's extinction.


Message from Salvation (July 2, 3307)

Log No. Log Text
1/1 Commander, this is Salvation. You have performed excellent work by delivering Guardian artefacts to my associates at Taurus Mining Ventures, and I hope you are satisfied with the payment.

I urge you not to trust Aegis. That organisation is a hollow sham, built by those in power to distract the masses. They will never have the capabilities to deal with the xenological threat that I have.

To that end, you must remain alert for the next phase of my project. I will have need of pilots of your calibre, since the work I am undertaking is of huge importance.

Our governments have failed to protect us. Our corporations have become corrupt. Our weapons are insufficient. Our defences are unreliable. I will change everything - with your help. I am Salvation.

Message from Salvation (Sep. 17, 3307)

Log No. Log Text
1/1 Commander. This is Salvation.

You have performed well in my service before, and now I require your help again. This is an urgent matter, with millions of lives at risk.

I ask you to travel to the Pegasi Sector ON-S b4-8 system immediately. There you will find the megaship Heart of Taurus, operated by my partners at Taurus Mining Ventures. From there you must collect basic medicines, and deliver them to either of the rescue ships in the Cornsar system. They need to arrive before Monday the 20th of September if they are to be of use.

I am trusting you with the knowledge that these shipments have been disguised as medicines, but actually contain vital components for a prototype anti-xeno weapon. With enough deliveries, I may be able to eliminate the Thargoid fleet currently causing havoc in Cornsar.

Naturally, I offer generous compensation for this task. On Thursday the 23rd of September you will be granted a permit to enter the Mbooni system where another megaship, the Bright Sentinel, will have a module waiting for you in storage. This is a modified Class Two Guardian Gauss Cannon with increased capacity and burst fire but reduced optimal range.

As you know, we cannot rely on Aegis to save us from the Thargoids. Only I am capable of achieving this, and courageous pilots like you can ensure my triumph.

Message from Salvation (Sep. 23, 3307)

To participants in Salvation's Cornsar initiative

Log No. Log Text
1/1 Commander. This is Salvation.

Congratulations on helping to prevent further deaths in the Cornsar system. Your deliveries contributed to my prototype anti-xeno weapon's timely activation to drive away the Thargoids.

As promised, the modified Guardian-human hybrid module for your ship is now in storage at the Bright Sentinel megaship. This is situated in the Mbooni system, for which you have been issued a permit.

My work to save humanity is now reaching a crucial stage. I am continuing to develop the new anti-xeno weapon as well as my detection network. Soon I will be ready to strike a decisive blow against the Thargoids.

Stay alert, Commander. There is a part for you to play in our victory.

To participants in previous Salvation initiatives

Log No. Log Text
1/1 In the past you have served me well, for which I remain grateful. Although you did not take part in dispelling the Thargoid fleet from the Cornsar system, I hope I can still rely on your loyalty.

In anticipation of your future assistance, I offer you a permit to the Mbooni system. Here you will find one of my megaships, the Bright Sentinel, which has a technology broker.

I am working hard to finalise the unique anti-xeno weapon that saved Cornsar from being overrun. The time will come when we can launch a significant strike against the Thargoids, and ultimately expel the alien threat from our galaxy.

I count you as one of my allies, Commander. Your strength will soon be needed to help save us all.


18 FEB 3308

  • *Pilots' Federation ALERT*
    Commanders are resisting Thargoid incursions in the Dan, HIP 12314 and Nauni systems. Although Aegis support vessels have been repurposed to offer support in all three systems, the organisation remains officially disbanded. It has fallen to individual pilots to defend the populations from swarms of Thargoid vessels. The Alliance Defence Force, Federal Navy and Imperial Navy all intend to replace Aegis with their own anti-xeno taskforces, but these have yet to materialise. This was remarked upon by independent journalist Flint 'Firemaker' Lafosse: "We've got the Alliance trying to sell its own people to Sirius Corporation, the Empire somehow misplacing its own Emperor, and the Federation being torn to pieces by its crazy president… who's got time to worry about Thargoids? I'll tell you who: the civilians in the systems they're invading! Our so-called leaders are praying that Salvation will step in and save the day, but he could be an alien himself for all we know!" Commodore Morag Halloran, who serves as Salvation's military coordinator, was approached by Vox Galactica to comment on his strategy for combating the latest Thargoid activity: "Salvation is currently focused on further development of the anti-xeno superweapon. At present this is the most efficient use of his time and resources, rather than small-scale engagement. Rest assured that, before long, we shall take the fight to the Thargoids once more."[1]

11 FEB 3308

  • *Pilots’ Federation ALERT*
    The HIP 12314, Dan and Nauni systems have come under heavy attack by Thargoid vessels. Vox Galactica featured this report by freelance war correspondent Jade Sanderlyn: "The Thargoids have been unusually aggressive in recent months, as attested by the drifting wreckages of many independent ships. When Salvation repelled their forces from the Delphi, Maia and Merope systems in December, some believed it was only a matter of time before the aliens retaliated. It appears that time has come. Although the Thargoid species is often viewed as territorial, on this occasion they have pushed further towards human space. Authorities in all three systems were unprepared for the incursions and have sent out a general call for assistance. The superpowers are still in the process of forming their anti-xeno taskforces, and thus unable to help. Fortunately, despite Aegis being officially defunct, some of its support megaships have yet to be decommissioned. These have been staffed with emergency crews and rushed into service in all three systems. As pilots race into combat once more, many must be wondering if the risks are now even greater. Have the Thargoids extended their reach into human space? Which systems might they strike at next? And is further escalation a price to be paid every time Salvation's superweapon is deployed?"[2]

07 FEB 3308

  • Shutdown procedures for the anti-xeno organisation are continuing, despite Aegis's warnings that Azimuth has returned. Conrad Sterling reported on the situation for Vox Galactica: "We now know that the Alexandria megaship was targeted by a hostile force that could be Azimuth Biochemicals, the 200-year-old corporation which owned the Adamastor and Hesperus. In the face of this new evidence, Aegis leaders have petitioned for it to be reinstated. Even while accounting for this new evidence, the Baumann Report has exposed a litany of organisational failures within Aegis. There is still a broad consensus among politicians that the organisation should have done more to repel the Thargoids. Many senior military figures have switched focus to Aegis's controversial rival Salvation, despite his mysterious nature. As one Imperial Navy admiral succinctly put it: 'Salvation's methods have proved more effective in counteracting the Thargoid threat.' The issue of military staff defections also appears to have been resolved. Alliance, Federal and Imperial fleets have opened channels of secondment, allowing naval crews to voluntarily take positions aboard Salvation's vessels without resigning their commissions. However, one of Aegis's requests has been authorised. There will be a public ceremony to posthumously award medals of honour to Captain Jacob Morales and the four thousand people who lost their lives aboard the Alexandria."[3]

18 JAN 3308

12 JAN 3308

  • The independent inquiry into Aegis has delivered its final conclusions and recommended that the organisation be closed down. Dr Paul Baumann, who chaired the board of inquiry, summarised the detailed report: "Aegis was established on solid foundations in 3303 with strong leadership. Over the years, poor mid-level management and general negligence reduced its effectiveness. A silo mentality developed, with each department focusing on itself rather than strategic goals. Reduced funding undoubtedly contributed to low morale among staff and a lack of any further breakthroughs in AX technology. But a reliance on independent pilots to combat the Thargoids became normalised, with some staff considering them 'disposable mercenaries'. More specifically, the loss of the megaship Alexandria and the illegal attack against Hind Mine are both catastrophes that could have been anticipated and prevented. This board cannot in all conscience recommend any scenario that might enable further loss of life in Aegis's name." Observers have noted that the Baumann Report, as it is commonly referred to, does not discuss Salvation or suggest methods of replacing Aegis. In related news, the court martial of Admiral Aden Tanner has concluded with a verdict of guilty and a dishonourable discharge from the Federal Navy. However, his sentencing has been postponed by request from newly promoted Fleet Admiral Tayo Maikori, who has ordered a full review of evidence provided by Ram Tah.[5]

05 JAN 3308

  • The military trial of Admiral Aden Tanner has been suspended following evidence provided by Ram Tah as a witness for the defence. The Federal Navy tribunal was called to consider multiple charges – including mutiny – held against Tanner, the chief military liaison to Aegis. While commanding the Musashi megaship, he attempted to gain access to Hind Mine station and locate evidence regarding Salvation's anti-xeno superweapon. Admiral Tanner's defence attorney opened a live link with Phoenix Base to allow Ram Tah to provide the following testimony: "We have analysed the classified experimental equipment that was recently delivered to enable Salvation's superweapons. These components are near-identical to devices found at the Proteus research facility on Trapezium Sector YU-X c1-2. In 3113, an Azimuth Biochemicals science team conducted weapons testing using Guardian artefacts from this site, accidentally triggering a radiation surge which resulted in their deaths. My hypothesis is that Salvation has constructed large-scale versions of the Proteus design. These generate a powerful electromagnetic pulse at frequencies which disrupt the Thargoids' bio-mechanical technology. It's highly probable that this is based on an existing Guardian weapon discovered by the Proteus. This would explain why its presence within a system attracts Thargoid vessels." The Federal Navy Criminal Court announced that Admiral Tanner's court martial has been temporarily suspended while the new evidence is reviewed.[6]

02 JAN 3308

  • Sima Kalhana reviews the most newsworthy events of the past year in this series of articles.
    "July began badly for the Federation, with more factions seceding in response to the Proactive Detection Bureau's establishment. The newly independent nations severed all links with these new surveillance efforts, inspiring many other systems to do likewise. This secession crisis would rumble on for the rest of the year. The Blue Viper Club, one of the rarely seen dredger clans, joined forces with the Kumo Crew to manufacture a medicinal drug that turned out to be a new strain of onionhead. The drug would ultimately end up being legally distributed by Neomedical Industries, causing Archon Delaine to seek revenge against the corporation. Tensions soared in the Marlinist Colonies during an election for the head of their diplomatic consulate. Aaron Whyte's candidate had the support of an Imperial senator, which would have given the Neo-Marlinists a powerful voice within the Empire. When a more moderate candidate was elected, the NMLA reacted by bombing both Marlinist starports, murdering tens of thousands including First Minister Jenna Fairfax. It seemed Theta Seven's extremist views allowed anyone to be targeted as an enemy, even his fellow Marlinists. The civil war concluded in August, with Whyte killed in battle as his supporters were overcome in direct combat. Following accusations of incompetence regarding the vanished Alexandria megaship, Aegis was officially suspended and subjected to a board of inquiry. This would have ramifications for the ongoing conflict with the Thargoids, and encourage Salvation to position himself as an alternative. In the corporate sphere, Zemina Torval created a new subsidiary of Mastopolos Mining that would eventually become an autonomous company. There were rumours that the Torval and Mastopolos families were now at loggerheads after decades of working in unison. In September, the mystery of Hyford's Cache was finally unlocked. The trail led to revelations of dark experiments which are believed to have involved human test subjects and Thargoid technology. When the Thargoids themselves appeared en masse in the Cornsar system, Salvation was ready for them. An anti-xeno superweapon of undisclosed nature was deployed, wiping out some of the aliens and driving away the rest. It seemed that the self-titled 'man of science' had developed something revolutionary, inspiring many to place their faith in him to end the Thargoid menace once and for all."[7]

31 DEC 3307

  • The last in a series that reviews the events of the past year, by noted historian Sima Kalhana.
    "October brought further controversy for the Federation, when a diplomatic conference in the Delta Pavonis system was revealed to be a honey trap designed to capture Yuri Grom. Only a rush of support for EG Union allowed their ruler to escape, causing political embarrassment for President Hudson. There was more corporate drama when Zemina Torval relinquished her long-held majority sharehold of Mastopolos Mining, fuelling rumours of a family rift with her cousins. Torval Mining Ltd became a fully independent corporation run by her daughter Constantia. The Colonia Bridge project officially started the first of two phases this year which would see the construction of 56 megaships between the Alcor and Colonia systems. Brewer Corporation enjoyed great public support for improving this travel corridor along the 22,000 light year journey, and revealed plans to enhance it further in the new year. Hadrian Duval, his wife Lady Astrid and their unborn child were the specific targets of another starport bombing by the NMLA. It proved unsuccessful, but did result in the Imperial Senate offering them protection in order to secure the Duval bloodline. It also led to a manhunt for Theta Seven, the galaxy's most wanted terrorist. In November, Orion University claimed that the dredger occupied by the Scriveners Clan was legally their property, but the nomadic descendants of its original crew refused to give up their home. The stand-off caught the public attention, with some supporting the clan's right to independence and others keen to discover what their Knowledge Core contained. Ultimately the Scriveners retained their freedom, sailing off into the void with their secrets intact. Many were shocked when Admiral Tanner, Aegis's military chief, went rogue and tried to force access to a starport controlled by Salvation's allies. His conviction that the anti-xeno superweapons were responsible for provoking the Thargoids was, however, not enough to win the day. The NMLA threw everything they had at the Mudhrid system in an attempt to rescue Theta Seven, who was hiding among the Far God cult to avoid capture. But the terrorists were crushed by ACT and a coalition of ships, with Theta Seven martyring himself by destroying the hijacked megaship Sacrosanct. A happier event in December was the birth of Hector Duval, son and heir of Hadrian and Lady Astrid. There were celebrations across the Empire, but also questions asked about the future of the Duval dynasty and if the child might one day inherit the Imperial throne. The year ended as it had begun, with Thargoid vessels swarming into nebula systems. But with incursions steadily increasing over recent months, there were fears that this time they might prove unstoppable. Salvation's superweapons were once again deployed to halt the aliens' progress, but will they be enough to prevent the Thargoids from threatening humanity in 3308?"[8]

29 DEC 3307

  • Continuing a series of articles by historian Sima Kalhana that look at the most newsworthy events during the past year.
    "April 3307 saw the creation of the Federation's Proactive Detection Bureau in reaction to the Nine Martyrs bombings. This organisation monitored all public and private communications for evidence of terrorists, to prevent similar attacks in future. But its highly controversial nature would soon present the Federation with new challenges. ACT's investigation led them to the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid, which had helped deliver the caustic enzyme bombs to their nine targets. The faction's defeat was an early victory against the NMLA, but much of the organisation remained a mystery. When the 'ghost ship' Adamastor began receiving an encoded signal, this began an entire saga of mysteries. Its long-lost sister ship, the Hesperus, was soon located by pilots who had been recruited by an anonymous figure named Salvation. His interest in Azimuth Biochemicals, the 200 year old corporation that owned both vessels, would bring a strange twist to the ongoing Thargoid conflict. In May, Hadrian Duval was targeted by Federal forces after accusations that he was the mastermind behind the NMLA. The spectre of Empire-Federation war rose once again as Nova Imperium successfully defended itself, but ACT concluded that evidence had been falsified to implicate Hadrian and his new wife Lady Astrid. Aegis came under intense scrutiny when the megaship Alexandria, laden with newly collected Guardian artefacts, began attracting Thargoids in every system it jumped to. The Alexandria later vanished completely in hyperspace, and to this day remains missing presumed destroyed. The Alliance election finally took place at the end of May, having been delayed by three months due to the Galactic Summit. Councillor Nakato Kaine fought a spirited campaign, but Edmund Mahon was re-elected to serve a second term as prime minister. Supporters of Neo-Marlinism gained a voice in June, when Minister Aaron Whyte offered a peace deal with the Empire to prevent further terrorism. The idea of a political wing of the NMLA gained support from those fearing further bombings, but opened major rifts within the Marlinist Colonies. Salvation once again contacted pilots to track down survivors from the Hesperus. This led to the discovery of an ancient Guardian-Thargoid battleground, where Azimuth scientists had built a research base around their vessel Proteus. All were killed by unusual experiments into weaponising Guardian crystals. The Proactive Detection Bureau had been generally accepted by Federal citizens, but many claimed it was a violation of civil liberties. Halfway through the year, the Azaladshu Free faction took the bold step of seceding from the Federation, thus triggering the possibility of mass rebellion."[9]

21 DEC 3307

  • *Pilots' Federation ALERT*
    The Coalsack, Pleiades and Witch Head nebulas continue to see an influx of Thargoid vessels. Freelance war correspondent Ernesto Rios reported for Vox Galactica: "Over the last few months, Thargoid ships have appeared in over two dozen populated systems including Shenve, Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5 and Coalsack Sector VU-O b6-6. All are in the vicinity of nebulas, which seem to be favoured by the Thargoids. In some systems, organised task forces of independent pilots have successfully hunted and destroyed the invaders. But in others, their efforts are undone by Thargoid reinforcements continually dropping out of hyperspace. There have been public demands to know why more superweapons have yet to be deployed. However, Salvation has not responded to this. Some of his supporters believe that it takes time to stockpile the weapons' resources, while others maintain that Salvation is focused on a masterplan to permanently eliminate the Thargoid threat. Until then, individual Commanders and anti-xeno squadrons remain fighting on the front line against the escalating Thargoid incursion."[10]

17 DEC 3307

  • The recent counterstrike against the Thargoids has revealed that Salvation is being unofficially supported by trained military personnel. Commodore Morag Halloran was a senior officer with the Alliance Defence Force who is now working for Salvation. She sent this statement to the media: "Over the last few years, I have fought hard to protect Allied interests from the Thargoids. But every battle against them felt like a defensive measure, a holding action. I'm convinced that these creatures are more than capable of wiping us all out. When an entire Thargoid fleet was forced out of the Cornsar system in September, I approached the Council of Admirals about sending ships to help, but my proposal was rejected. Then Salvation contacted me directly, saying that he required military leadership and my experiences in the Coalsack Nebula made me an ideal candidate. Along with Lieutenant Commander Glynn and nearly a hundred crewmates, we resigned our commissions and headed for Hind Mine. I now command many others who were recruited from the Federal, Imperial and Sirius Navies to serve on the Taurus megaships and elsewhere. I'm aware that some will view my actions as dereliction of duty, but I believe our true duty is to stop the Thargoids at any cost. And as our recent success proves, only Salvation has the means of doing so." The Alliance Assembly, Federal Congress and Imperial Senate have all acknowledged the loss of some military personnel to Salvation's cause. While efforts are being made to prevent further losses, it is rumoured that potential concessions include official support for Salvation's anti-xeno activities.[11]

15 DEC 3307

  • Salvation has confirmed that his anti-xeno superweapons successfully routed Thargoids from the Delphi, Maia and Merope systems. The following message was submitted to all newsfeeds: "The Thargoid spearhead into human space has been severely blunted. Commodore Halloran coordinated the operation with military precision, and many loyal pilots acted swiftly to provide components for my unique technology. At present, I am not able to deploy these weapons in other systems suffering alien infestation. Next year, we will deliver a decisive blow in the war against the Thargoids. I urge the peoples of the galaxy to unite behind my crusade. Aegis is finished. I am the only remaining defence for humanity. I am Salvation." Independent pilots and anti-xeno squadrons have been asked to continue combating the remaining Thargoid vessels in the Coalsack, Pleiades and Witch Head Nebula regions. Repair efforts are also still required in the Delphi, Maia and Merope systems.[12]

14 DEC 3307

  • *Pilots' Federation ALERT*
    Salvation's anti-xeno superweapons have cleared most Thargoid vessels from the Delphi, Maia and Merope systems. Pilots were asked to transport classified experimental equipment from the Heart of Taurus in the Qarato system to three other megaships owned by Taurus Mining Ventures. These components were used to prepare the large-scale weapons developed by Salvation to affect Thargoid technology. Vox Galactica published an intercepted message from Commodore Morag Halloran, commanding officer of the Musashi, to the Bright Sentinel and Glorious Prospect megaships: "This is Halloran. Operation Tri-hammer has concluded with a code white-three-alpha. Estimated target destruction in Delphi is at 27%, with full dispersal of 98% of remaining hostiles. Scans underway for non-combatant disruption or casualties. Maia and Merope data to be submitted immediately to central analytics." Independent observers have reported that the majority of all Thargoid ships in the three systems have abruptly departed, with some wreckages found on planetary surfaces. This closely matches the event in the Cornsar system in September, when the anti-xeno superweapon was first deployed. Pilots are requested to help with repair and rescue efforts for starports damaged by the Thargoids: Donar's Oak and The Oracle in the Delphi system, Obsidian Orbital in the Maia system, and Reed's Rest in the Merope system.[13]

09 DEC 3307

  • *Pilots' Federation ALERT*
    Salvation requires vital materials to deploy anti-xeno superweapons in the Delphi, Maia and Merope systems. A message was transmitted from the Musashi megaship by its new commanding officer, Commodore Morag Halloran: "The Thargoids have invaded three key systems, as Salvation anticipated. Preparations have been made to halt their advance, but there is an urgent requirement to collect classified experimental equipment from the Heart of Taurus in the Qarato system. Pilots must then deliver these shipments to three other megaships: the Musashi in the Delphi system, the Bright Sentinel in the Maia system, and the Glorious Prospect in the Merope system. It is crucial that all deliveries are made by early on Tuesday the 14th of December. Without these components, Salvation's superweapons will not be able to affect enough Thargoid vessels to turn the tide." Commodore Halloran was formerly a member of the Alliance Defence Force, and was in charge of protecting the first expedition to the Coalsack Nebula in 3306. She is one of hundreds of naval officers and crew from all three superpowers who have resigned their commissions to offer their services to Salvation, believing that only he can defeat the Thargoids.[14]

30 NOV 3307

  • *Pilots' Federation ALERT*
    Systems in the California, Coalsack, Pleiades and Witch Head Nebulas are under sustained assault by the Thargoids. Vox Galactica featured this report from freelance war correspondent Ernesto Rios: "Multiple starports have been crippled by Thargoid attacks in recent weeks, with anti-xeno squadrons struggling to protect them. Many Commanders told me that this latest wave is proving unusually difficult to repel, with a steady stream of reinforcements replacing those alien vessels destroyed in battle. In normal times Aegis would coordinate the defence effort, but its operations remain suspended due to the Baumann inquiry. Today, it is clear that many of the superpowers' leaders have more faith in Salvation after his triumph in the Cornsar system, believing that he holds the key to defeating the Thargoids. Both the Imperial Navy and the Alliance's Council of Admirals have suggested committing naval forces to support Salvation. In the Federation, Congress has debated redirecting funds that were ring-fenced for Aegis to accelerate development of the anti-xeno superweapon. As yet these are merely discussions, but do illustrate the wide-reaching impact of the Cornsar incident. In the meantime, in the absence of direct support from either Aegis or Salvation, pilots are sacrificing their lives as they fight courageously to push back the Thargoid fleets."[15]

29 NOV 3307

  • Admiral Aden Tanner and the crew of the Musashi megaship will be placed on trial for attacking Salvation's allies. The admiral disobeyed orders by attempting to gain access to Hind Mine starport, the headquarters of Taurus Mining Ventures. After failing to achieve this, most of the Musashi's crewmembers were detained and repatriated to their respective home systems to face civil or military charges. The Federal Navy has published this official notice: "Admiral Tanner is formally accused of mutiny and unlawful military action while in command of the Musashi. He will stand trial in a general court-martial. If found guilty, he will be dishonourably discharged and imprisoned for life." Dr Paul Baumann, chair of the independent board of inquiry into Aegis, commented: "Recent events in the T Tauri system clearly fall within the scope of our investigation. For Aegis's chief military liaison to launch an unauthorised attack, at the cost of many lives, will weigh heavily against the organisation." Admiral Tanner claims that the anti-xeno superweapon deployed by Salvation in the Cornsar system has triggered an increase in Thargoid attacks. Although there is no direct evidence of this, the Thargoids have performed coordinated strikes against several systems in the weeks since that event.[16]

18 NOV 3307

  • *Pilots' Federation ALERT*
    Taurus Mining Ventures has defeated a rogue Aegis Defense force and gained control of the megaship Musashi. The conflict was initiated by Admiral Aden Tanner, chief military liaison with Aegis. He was attempting to gain access to Hind Mine asteroid base, in search of evidence that Salvation's anti-xeno weapon was deliberately designed to provoke the Thargoids. Patience Middleton, a spokesperson for Taurus Mining Ventures, made this announcement: "This was an illegal and unnecessary conflict, brought about by Admiral Tanner's misguided obsession. We will continue working with Salvation to eliminate the Thargoid threat. Our defence was only possible thanks to our courageous supporters, for whom rewards are available at Hind Mine. We will also honour agreements that the Aegis Defense force made with independent pilots, who can collect their promised payments from the Musashi." Taurus Mining Ventures later confirmed that all members of the Musashi's original crew will be allowed to leave the megaship unharmed. Admiral Tanner and other key personnel are in temporary custody. Aegis has arranged for them to be transferred to its internal security teams.[17]

11 NOV 3307

  • *Pilots' Federation ALERT*
    A rogue Aegis Defense force has initiated conflict with Taurus Mining Ventures in the T Tauri system. The megaship Musashi is commanded by Aegis's chief military liaison Admiral Aden Tanner, who made this announcement: "The Hind Mine asteroid base contains proof that Salvation's unlicensed anti-xeno weapon is intentionally designed to provoke the Thargoids, and therefore endangers us all. As Taurus Mining Ventures refuses to cooperate, we have no choice but to obtain the evidence by force. This may be our only opportunity to discover Salvation's true ambitions. I urge all independent pilots who have fought alongside Aegis to help us complete this vital mission." Patience Middleton, a spokesperson for Taurus Mining Ventures, responded: "This is an illegal attack that jeopardises the important work we are undertaking on behalf of Salvation. It is in the galactic community's interests to defend our corporate headquarters." Aegis officially stated that Admiral Tanner is acting on his own authority, and that the Musashi's presence in the T Tauri system is in direct violation of orders. Despite this, there are reports that Tanner has tacit support from many members of Aegis, who disagree with the public inquiry that has suspended its operations.[18]

05 NOV 3307

  • Admiral Aden Tanner has called for Aegis to reject the public inquiry's shutdown and take direct action against Salvation. The Musashi, an Aegis Defense megaship under his command, has entered the T Tauri system to challenge Taurus Mining Ventures. The corporation has performed activities on Salvation's behalf, including preparation for the anti-xeno weapon used to eliminate all Thargoids from the Cornsar system. Admiral Tanner transmitted this message to media outlets: "Salvation's unlicensed weapons technology is deliberately designed to provoke the Thargoids, risking millions of lives. My sources tell me that Hind Mine asteroid base contains evidence of this. I therefore demand that Taurus Mining Ventures allows us access so we can determine the truth." Patience Middleton of Taurus Mining Ventures responded: "We are a legitimate business under contract to a private citizen, whose activities are protected by confidentiality agreements. These threats have no legal standing and are not welcome." Admiral Tanner is a highly decorated Federal Navy officer and Aegis's chief military liaison, having coordinated many combat efforts against the Thargoids. The Musashi's relocation has been condemned by Aegis leadership, and Tanner has been ordered to depart the T Tauri system.[19]

28 OCT 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Several inhabited systems in the Pleiades and Witch Head Nebulas have come under attack by large numbers of Thargoid ships. An emergency has been declared by the authorities in multiple systems including Asterope, Shenve and Onoros. Thargoid vessels have again targeted starports, with casualties estimated in the many thousands. Increased Thargoid activity has also been reported in the California and Coalsack Nebulas. Independent pilots and anti-xeno squadrons are moving to defend the invaded systems and evacuate survivors from damaged starports. Aegis is not currently able to assist, as the operational shutdown enforced by the public inquiry has led to many ships and pilots being withdrawn from service. Admiral Aden Tanner, chief military liaison to Aegis, commented: "Many of us in Aegis are frustrated that the Baumann Report has tied our hands. I am also convinced that these Thargoids are reacting aggressively to the weapon of mass destruction that Salvation deployed in the Cornsar system. Not only should we be fighting the alien threat, but Salvation must be prevented from escalating the war." The Taurus Mining Ventures megaship Bright Sentinel has moved to the Merope system at Salvation's request. Reports indicate that tech brokers on board are offering a Guardian-hybrid plasma charger as well as material cost discounts to support the anti-xeno effort.[20]

27 SEP 3307

  • The anonymous Salvation commands much support in the galactic community, but a resistance movement has emerged to sabotage his efforts. Vox Galactica featured a special report from freelance journalist Alexei Keel: "In his self-proclaimed war against the Thargoids, Salvation recently scored a major victory by eliminating their forces from the Cornsar system. But the ongoing mystery around the identity of this 'man of science', as well as his controversial methods, have led to a backlash. To deliver vital components for his mysterious anti-xeno weapon, Salvation once again recruited independent pilots, directly messaging those who had performed tasks for him before. However, this time a counter-initiative was formed by those who did not trust his motivations. It was also supported by believers in non-aggression against the Thargoids, and others who feared that the weapon might endanger Cornsar's population. Their actions involved acquiring the components, which were disguised as basic medicines, but destroying rather than delivering them. Whether or not this partial blockade impacted the weapon's effectiveness remains unknown, but it acted as a substantial opposition to Salvation's scheme. Aegis is investigating the Cornsar incident, but with faith in that organisation at an all-time low, individual Commanders are now taking matters into their own hands. Time will tell if Salvation's ambition to replace Aegis is a noble goal, or if we are replacing the devil we know with a darker demon."[21]

22 SEP 3307

  • The anonymous 'man of science' Salvation has claimed responsibility for the Thargoids' unexplained departure from the Cornsar system. Salvation had predicted their attack, but his claim was discounted by Aegis and other authorities. After a few days the Thargoid vessels fled abruptly, leaving behind wreckages across the system. The following message was transmitted on public channels: "This is Salvation. The Thargoid invasion of Cornsar has now been repulsed, thanks to prototype anti-xeno weaponry that I have been developing for some time. I have achieved what Aegis could not – an effective deterrent against the alien threat. Refinement of this weapon is at a critical stage, so I cannot reveal any details. I only regret that my warning was not heeded in time to save everyone on the two starports. This triumph was only possible thanks to those loyal pilots who answered my call. Rewards will shortly be available from the Bright Sentinel megaship in the Mbooni system." Salvation's identity and capabilities remain unknown, but he has established a reputation as a rival to Aegis. He is also knowledgeable about Azimuth Biochemicals, a research company connected to the earliest recorded encounters with Guardian and Thargoid artefacts.[22]

20 SEP 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The Thargoid vessels attacking the Cornsar system have unexpectedly departed from the region. For the last four days, independent pilots and local security forces have been in combat against the alien ships. Although some were destroyed in battle, the remainder have abruptly withdrawn back into hyperspace. The starports Chadwick Port and Ito Market sustained heavy damage during the assault, leaving thousands dead and wounded. Evacuation efforts are still underway to rescue the survivors from both stations. Marshal Noah Sharrow, the ruler of Cornsar, made this statement: "We cannot say why the Thargoids have gone, only that we are grateful they have. I thank all the brave pilots who fought valiantly to defend our people." Sightings of crashed Thargoid vessels on planetary bodies in the Cornsar system have been confirmed by Aegis observation teams. As yet there are no official explanations.[23]

16 SEP 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The Cornsar system has been attacked by Thargoid forces, causing severe damage to two starports. Direct assaults against Chadwick Port and Ito Market stations have resulted in over ten thousand casualties. Local reports state that Thargoid vessels have also appeared elsewhere throughout the system, placing millions more lives at risk. The anonymous figure known as Salvation recently warned that Cornsar was in imminent danger of being invaded, having been alerted by his new xeno-detection network. Aegis could not verify Salvation's claim and saw no evidence of any Thargoid presence. The system's ruler, Marshal Noah Sharrow of the Allied Cornsar Constitution Party, transmitted this message: "This is a call to any pilots in the vicinity of Cornsar. We urgently need ships to defend our people from the Thargoids, and to rescue civilians trapped within Chadwick Port and Ito Market. This is a grave emergency!" Aegis has released a brief statement: "We can confirm there is a Thargoid presence in the Cornsar system. Unfortunately most of our operations and personnel remain suspended due to the public inquiry, so we cannot contribute to any anti-xeno efforts." There has been no further communication from Salvation, despite his accurate prediction of the attack.[24]

14 SEP 3307

  • The anonymous figure known as Salvation claims that Thargoid forces will shortly launch an assault in the Cornsar system. The following message was received by all major newsfeeds: "This is Salvation. Authorities in the Cornsar system must evacuate the local population immediately. I believe a Thargoid invasion of the system is imminent. I became aware of this danger while developing a new interstellar xeno-detection network, which will be far superior to Eagle Eye. Although the network is not fully complete, we cannot dismiss this report as a false reading. Cornsar must act now." Carter Armstrong, a chief administrator with Aegis, delivered an official statement: "Aegis cannot validate this claim. There is no indication of a Thargoid presence in the vicinity, and Cornsar is too far from their known territories to be a viable target. As most of our operations are suspended due to the public inquiry, we cannot dedicate any resources to investigate further." There was also a response from Marshal Noah Sharrow, who governs the Cornsar system on behalf of the Allied Cornsar Constitution Party: "We have no interest in the games of one-upmanship between Aegis and Salvation. Nor do we believe for a moment that the Thargoids would go out of their way to harass us."[25]

20 AUG 3307

  • Independent journalist Flint 'Firemaker' Lafosse has announced that the Rewired network will broadcast Kit Fowler's conspiracy-laden show End Times. Lafosse, notorious for his own sensationalist claims, announced: "Finally, someone else who sees things as they really are! Kit Fowler's perceptive views match his technical genius. By retransmitting his End Times broadcasts, I'll be helping people resist the narrative conditioning being pumped into our minds by the faceless elite." Kit Fowler provides specialised engineering services from his workshop in the Capoya system. He has used his show to make many outlandish claims over the years. These include labelling the shadowy figure 'Salvation' an AI construct, accusing Utopia of secretly creating a new species of human, and arguing that the universe's true shape is being concealed by superpower-sponsored holograms. Lafosse advertised Fowler's content with an excerpt from the most recent End Times episode: "Years ago, a sinister group called Black Flight committed multiple crimes, including murder, to suppress evidence of Thargoid activity after the First War. The mainstream newsfeeds buried the story, of course. But the fearless truth-seekers among us have repeatedly named the Colonia, Neche and Wasat systems as locations where the Black Flight operated. There's a real buzz in that region right now… something's going on that they don't want you to know about. Never give up our search for the right facts, people!"[26]

27 JUL 3307

  • The superpowers have partly suspended Aegis and authorised an inquiry into the Alexandria megaship, which disappeared in hyperspace. Freelance journalist Alexei Keel reported on this development for Vox Galactica: "Public opinion regarding Aegis has always been chequered, but its founding governments insisted that it played a vital defensive role against the Thargoids. The tragic loss of the Alexandria, carrying thousands of crewmembers and valuable Guardian artefacts, has now raised questions about the organisation's competence. The Alliance, Empire and Federation have jointly ordered an independent inquiry to determine the facts about the Alexandria. Many Aegis operations were shut down, and detailed investigations have begun. Professor Alba Tesreau and other senior members have already been forced to resign. Part of the reason for such scrutiny is the emergence of the anonymous 'Salvation', who many view as running an alternative anti-xeno effort. Some security agencies suspect him to be the leader of an Aegis splinter group, composed of rogue agents and stolen resources."[27]

01 JUL 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Rival delivery campaigns by Aegis Research and Taurus Mining Ventures in the PMD2009 48 system have concluded. Guardian artefacts were delivered to the megaship Glorious Prospect, which was contracted on behalf of the anonymous 'Salvation', in greater quantities than to the Aegis megaship Archimedes. Patience Middleton congratulated those who supported Taurus Mining Ventures: "This is a clear show of faith in the noble goals of 'Salvation'. As a further sign of our commitment to those goals, we are pleased to provide the top 75% of contributors a specially engineered Class 2 Fixed Guardian Shard Cannon." The Pilots Federation has issued a caution that any ship modules offered by Taurus Mining Ventures will be automatically marked as 'hot', requiring extra costs to be cleaned prior to installation.[28]

24 JUN 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Aegis Research and Taurus Mining Ventures have requested deliveries of Guardian artefacts to the PMD2009 48 system. Their rival campaigns follow the discovery of an ancient battleground between the Guardians and the Thargoids on Trapezium Sector YU-X c1-2 1a. Patience Middleton, representing Taurus Mining Ventures, broadcast this statement: "'Salvation' has claimed the exclusive rights to exploit the Proteus site, which was only discovered because of his specialist knowledge. He has contracted us to pay for Guardian caskets, orbs, relics, tablets, totems and urns brought to the Glorious Prospect megaship." Aegis Research has also positioned a megaship, the Archimedes, in the PMD2009 48 system. Professor Alba Tesreau announced: "It is vital that Aegis replaces the Guardian artefacts that were lost aboard the Alexandria. Without sufficient materials, our anti-xeno research programme will be severely hampered. We recognise the risk that collecting Guardian technology on a megaship may attract the Thargoids, as happened in the Delphi system. However, this system is much farther from any known areas of Thargoid activity, so we hope to avoid drawing their attention." The Alliance, Empire and Federation consider depriving Aegis of resources to be a criminal act. As a result, pilots are warned that any ship modules received from Taurus Mining Ventures will be marked as 'hot', thereby incurring extra costs to be cleaned prior to installation.[29]

18 JUN 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    An Anaconda from the Hesperus megaship has been found at a historical battlefield on the moon Trapezium Sector YU-X c1-2 1a. The discovery was made by pilots who tracked down a series of signal beacons, following instructions provided by the anonymous 'Salvation'. The beacons were deployed by the Hesperus during its voyage nearly 200 years ago. The Anaconda, named Proteus, was one of the megaship's secondary vessels and had been outfitted for long-range exploration. It was used by an Azimuth Biochemicals science team to flee the Hesperus after the megaship was overtaken by saboteurs from rival company Pharmasapien. Upon landing, the Proteus was converted into a research facility to study the ancient structures and wreckage on the moon. The proximity of both Guardian and Thargoid technology suggests this was the site of a battle fought by the two civilisations over a million years ago, although in 3113 neither species had yet been identified. Professor Alba Tesreau of Aegis Research gave this statement: "This is a significant xenoarchaeological find – physical evidence of the war between the Guardians and the Thargoids. Our advance teams are conducting preliminary surveys, and a megaship is being prepared. Following the Alexandria's tragic disappearance, we hope this may serve as a fresh source of Guardian artefacts for our anti-xeno research programme."[30]

11 JUN 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Commanders in the Chukchan and Perseus Dark Region KC-V c2-2 systems have reported being contacted by 'Salvation'. The anonymous individual is known to have an interest in the Adamastor and the Hesperus, the 'ghost ships' within those systems. Both of the derelict megaships were operated 200 years ago by Azimuth Biochemicals. Commander Tyler Thorsen told Vox Galactica: "I was taking some sightseers on a trip round the Hesperus, and getting as close as I dared to the Scriveners Clan dredger. I scanned the tourist beacon for them, and suddenly received a direct message from this 'Salvation' guy. He asked me to track down some old signal beacons, which are listening posts configured to retransmit long-range comms. Apparently these could help locate the survivors from the megaship. But the Hesperus is ancient history. Surely there can't be anything or anyone left to find?" In April, 'Salvation' unofficially recruited independent pilots to locate the Hesperus, and to deliver its surviving logs to Taurus Mining Ventures. The Pilots Federation is running an inquiry into 'Salvation' and his associates. Commanders are being cautioned against undertaking tasks for what may be an illegal enterprise.[31]

07 MAY 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The enigmatic 'Salvation' has sent a message to the Commanders he recently recruited to discover the Hesperus megaship. The vessel was found in the Perseus Dark Region KC-V C2-2 system, after 'Salvation' provided an access key to read its automated SOS. Pilots were then encouraged to deliver any surviving logs to Taurus Mining Ventures at the Hind Mine asteroid base in the T Tauri system. Patience Middleton, a representative of the corporation, announced: "'Salvation' has authorised us to offer two million credits or ten units of void opals for delivering the Hesperus's logs. This contract ends on the 21st of May 3307, after which payments will not be available. We have been asked to relay the message below.
    'This is Salvation. I call myself this as I cannot yet reveal my identity, but my scientific breakthroughs will literally save all of humanity. The Adamastor and the Hesperus were just the beginning, as I have always known. For my intrepid agents, there will be further work to come.'"
    Little is known about Taurus Mining Ventures, and 'Salvation' remains anonymous. Commanders are therefore being cautioned against undertaking tasks for a potentially criminal organisation.[32]

27 APR 3307

  • Francesca Wolfe of the Wallglass Investigations Agency examines the Hesperus megaship and the Dredger Clan that caused its recent discovery. "When the Adamastor derelict received a strange signal, smart money was on it originating from its sister ship, the Hesperus. Both were owned by Azimuth Biochemicals and had vanished 200 years ago. After a united effort to decode and trace the signal, independent pilots located the Hesperus in an asteroid belt around the second star of the Perseus Dark Region KC-V C2-2 system. Like the Adamastor, it was devoid of life – but not alone. Alongside it was a dredger, whose proximity had triggered the Hesperus's mayday. This was a rare sighting of a Dredger Clan, one of the nomadic tribes that Gunnarson recently discussed. The Scriveners Clan was originally a fleet of research vessels for a long-forgotten academic consortium. Over centuries they became a self-sufficient society, constantly acquiring materials and information. They're not aggressive, but shun outsiders and jealously guard their 'Knowledge Core'. I'm fascinated by mentions of research-sergeants and lector-generals, suggesting their culture is a merger of scholastic and military. With the Hesperus claimed as salvage by the Scriveners and its drives stripped, all chance of learning more was lost. Luckily, four encoded data files had resisted upload, and a gap in the dredger's antiquated firewalls allowed pilots to hack them. The decrypted logs have now been preserved for posterity in a nearby tourist beacon. They tell a disturbing story of corporate rivalry, murder and revenge, but also leave many unanswered questions... We know that survivors abandoned ship to continue searching for 'alien artefacts'. Did they all die in space or did they find something? What did Azimuth's probes detect back in 3113? And who the hell is 'Salvation', the shadowy figure who contacted pilots to find the Hesperus?"[33]

19 APR 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Commanders have reported receiving anonymous instructions regarding the 200 year old derelict megaship orbiting Chukchan 5 b. A communications beacon stored onboard the Adamastor began receiving and rebroadcasting an encrypted signal on the 8th of April. Efforts by authorities to trace and decipher the signal proved unsuccessful. However, a number of independent pilots claim to have been contacted by an anonymous source, who provided an access key to decode the Adamastor signal. Commander Rex Trevelyan gave this statement to Vox Galactica: "Not long after arriving in the Chukchan system, my ship received a message from someone calling himself 'Salvation'. He provided a decryption key, and when I downloaded the signal from the Adamastor it became readable. It seems to be an automatic SOS from its sister ship, the Hesperus. I've heard that some Commanders have made sense of the navigational data in the signal. It feels like pilots are being recruited for something, but who exactly are we working for?" The Pilots Federation has begun an inquiry into the situation. The identity of 'Salvation' remains unknown, but there are reports that the Adamastor signal contains data that has led to its sister ship.[34]

08 APR 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The Adamastor, a 200 year old 'ghost ship' in orbit around Chukchan 5 b, has received a mysterious encrypted signal. The derelict vessel has been undergoing investigation by Alliance Salvage Guild teams since its discovery last October. They released this report: "Months ago, we cut open one of the Adamastor's damaged cargo holds to find an undeployed communications beacon. We managed to power it up, but it contained no data and had never been used. This beacon has now automatically activated, and is receiving and rebroadcasting a long-range signal. The transmission's source cannot be identified, but is definitely of interstellar origin. Its encoded content has yet to be deciphered." The Adamastor vanished in 3111 after an incident that may have involved the first historical encounter with the Thargoids. It reappeared in 3306 when it entered the Chukchan system at sublight speeds on autopilot, with no sign of its crew. It was recently learned that in 3113 the Adamastor's sister ship, the Hesperus, also disappeared. Both were owned by a corporation called Azimuth Biochemicals, which was absorbed by a rival named Pharmasapien. Little is known about either company, but it is believed they were competitors in the field of xenological research.[35]


  • Coded messages from Salvation have been posted on Twitter:
    • April 19, 2021: "//FEED INTERRUPTED //INCOMING TRANSMISSION Commander, Have you listened to the truth that the Hesperus has to tell you? We don't have long. -SALVATION //FEED RESTORED"
    • May 13, 2021: "React react react. That's all Aegis ever do. We need a solution!-- Salvation"
    • June 25, 2021: "Aegis can't save Sol, only I can"



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