The Sanguineous Rim is galactic region #34 in the Milky Way. It is bordered by Inner Orion Spur, Outer Orion Spur, Achilles's Altar, Kepler's Crest, and Elysian Shore.

It is speculated that the Sanguineous Rim contains the principal territory of the Thargoids. The Pilots Federation has permit-locked the sub-regions where high concentrations of Thargoids are believed to reside. A handful of nebulae in the region contain isolated Asteroid Bases built by human explorers in 3303.

Points of Interest

System Civilization/Allegiance Notes
Outotz ST-I d9-6 None Considered the edge of Thargoid space. The Gnosis was forcibly diverted to this system after attempting to jump to the Thargoid-infested Cone Sector. Location of a Thargoid Surface Site and Thargoid Barnacles.
Crab Sector DL-Y d9 Humanity/Independent Currently the most distant human colony in the Sanguineous Rim from Sol.
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