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== References ==
== References ==
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The Scavenger is a biomechanical entity of Thargoid origin found at Thargoid Surface Sites. Scavengers have organic circuitry that consists of both organic and mechanical elements. It is unclear whether Scavengers are sentient creatures or mechanical drones made by the Thargoids as workers.[1] However, they have demonstrated only simple behaviors: dismantling or tending to surface areas with Thargoid technology preset, and attacking trespassers. In terms of function, Scavengers appear to bear some similarities with Skimmers produced by humans.


Scavengers are considerably smaller than Thargoid Interceptors, more like the size of a skimmer. They hover above the ground and roam at Surface Sites. They're equipped with some sort of corrosion beam on the frontal area to assemble or disassemble the structure.

They're non-hostile until fired upon. Their only apparent weapon is the ability to spray a lightly-damaging corrosive liquid at attackers. Scavengers can be easily destroyed using conventional Scarab weaponry. This indicates that their purpose is not to handle conflicts.

When destroyed they drop the following Materials: Thargoid Carapace, Thargoid Energy Cell, Thargoid Organic Circuitry, Thargoid Technology Components, Thargoid Ship Signature, and Thargoid Wake Data.

Analyzing the Thargoid Organic Circuitry from within the bodies of the Scavengers shows that they appear to contain both organic and mechanical elements. This discovery has lead many to question if the Scavengers are sentient creatures or simple mechanical drones created by the Thargoids as workers.[1]


Scavengers perform some sort of function related to the Surface Sites. They appear to nourish the Thargoid eggs on the ground.

They appear to repair or construct the Surface Site with their corrosion beam. The green substance on the surface sites might be the bioweapon known as the Mycoid virus which the INRA unleashed on the Thargoids during the INRA-Thargoid war.




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