Scenarios are new and enhanced versions of the Unidentified Signal Sources (USS) and fixed events that you can encounter. They are random events that can occur across the galaxy, providing you with additional opportunities to blaze your own trail the way you want to.[1] Scenarios add more direction to encounters while retaining their emergent nature.

Features Edit

  • Each Scenario is fully voice-acted, by a range of different actors.[1]
  • They feature bespoke UI, providing you information on what you need to do to engage with a Scenario and the rewards you will receive for doing so.
  • There are specific Background Simulation (BGS) rewards for successfully completing a Scenario; such as increasing the security status of the faction involved.

Types Edit

Some of the new and enhanced Scenarios include:[1]

  • Assisting distressed or stranded pilots.
  • Engaging with new, fluctuating objectives in the new and improved Conflict Zones.
  • Attacking or defending Megaships and Installations.
  • Providing aid and assistance to damaged Megaships.

Locations Edit

The new scenarios are currently available at: [2]

  • non-damaged Megaships
  • Conflict Zones
  • Distress Call
  • Combat Aftermath Detected
  • Convoy Dispersal Pattern Detected

Once you have found one, use the comms panel to make your choice.

Development Edit

Game director Laurence Oldham said “Previously it was very sandboxy.” “You could roleplay it and you could say, ‘This is what I did’. We’re saying, ‘You don’t need to roleplay as much now’. It’s giving direction, making clear what your choices are, and also the consequences of the choices for the background simulation.”[3]

“Previously you’d drop into something and you just wouldn’t know what the factions were,” Oldham admits. “You would join one side and get it wrong. The scenarios were essentially a black box. Now you’ll see what factions are involved, and at the end of it you’ll know whether you’ve succeeded in helping or hindering them. You’ve got this whole series of tools and processes so you can logically unpick what was kind of there originally, but without any way of assessing it.”[3]

References Edit

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