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Armoured, wheeled multi-crew vehicle designed for combat support on planet surfaces. A dual-hardpoint turret mount comes equipped with a rapid-fire plasma repeater and an Aculeus missile launcher.

— In-Game Description

The Scorpion is a Surface Recon Vehicle manufactured by Vodel. Whereas Vodel's original SRV model, the Scarab, was designed primarily for ground exploration, the Scorpion is a vehicle that embraces ground combat. Armed with a heavy cannon and missile launcher that can be controlled via the SRV's Multicrew seat, the Scorpion can take hostile Skimmers and other dangerous targets head-on.


Vodel's Scorpion SRV released on December 9, 3307, becoming the corporation's first new SRV model in many years. Its development began in 3305 shortly after Core Dynamics' acquisition of Vodel, which gave the latter's engineering teams an infusion of funds. The SRV's designers built it specifically for combat operations and troop support.[1]

The Scorpion is a Multicrew-capable combat SRV that is compatible with the Planetary Vehicle Hangar. Its increased firepower, armour, and shielding compared to the Scarab allows it to more readily confront Skimmers or On Foot personnel, and the addition of a second seat means it can hold both a driver and a gunner, although the driver can still assume control of the weapons if they are alone. The Scorpion's armament consists of two weapons: the Surge Repeater, a rapid-fire weapon that increases its fire rate and accuracy the longer it is fired, and the Aculeus Launcher, a missile launcher with both dumbfire and lock-on modes.[2]

The enhanced combat capabilities of the Scorpion come at a cost: the Scorpion has half the cargo space of the Scarab, reduced speed and acceleration, and lacks the Scarab's Wave Scanner and booster jets. The SRV also can only be purchased from ports with a Military economy.[2]


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Unlike ships, the Scorpion SRV cannot be modified. Its default loadout is listed below.

Category System Rating Class
Small Hardpoint Surge Repeater ? ?
Small Hardpoint Aculeus Launcher ? ?
Bulkheads Hull Structure N/A N/A
Reactor Bay Power Plant ? ?
Environment Control Life Support ? ?
Power Coupling Power Distributor ? ?
Sensor Suite Sensors ? ?
Fuel Store Fuel Tank [x0.30] ? ?
Internal Compartments Shield Generator ? ?
Data Link Scanner ? ?
Wave Scanner ? ?
Cargo Rack [x2] E 1


  • The Scorpion was added in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 9 on December 9, 2021. Purchasing it requires owning Odyssey.[2]
  • A second ground vehicle was first hinted at in the refreshed key art released in 2020 for Elite Dangerous to mark the fold-down of Elite Dangerous: Horizons into the base game, which displayed what appeared to be a variant of the Scarab with a large cannon. The Scorpion was first mentioned by name in Elite Dangerous game files.[3] An early model of the Scorpion with a slightly different design and glossy black paintjob was datamined from files in the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey alpha.[4] Frontier Developments later announced that a new two-seat combat SRV would be added in Odyssey Update 9, but did not disclose any further details.[5][6] The finalised version of the Scorpion was officially revealed on December 8, 2021 in the SRV Stunt Show community showcase.