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Not to be confused with Search and Rescue.

Search And Rescue Agent

The Search and Rescue Agents are a type of contact available in the Station Services menu at most stations. They offer a small amount of credits as a reward for pilots who hand in commodities related to missing people, namely Black Boxes, Occupied Escape Pods, Damaged Escape Pods, Personal Effects, Wreckage Components and Hostages. Search and Rescue Agents are useful for Search and Rescue activities.

Alternatively, the commodities may be sold at a Black Market at a slightly higher price. Due to the low reward of such items search and rescue is not economically viable unless carried out as part of a mission, it is worth noting that turning in SAR items through missions do not add them to the total amount of people rescued or items recovered.


  • Search and Rescue-related commodities are common at Degraded Emissions or Non-Human Signal Sources, but searching these sites carries the risk of encountering pirates or Thargoids. Random Points of Interest on planetary surfaces may also contain these commodities, but could be guarded by skimmers.
  • Turning in Search and Rescue-related commodities through missions instead of a Search and Rescue Agent will not allow those commodities to be added to statistics for the total amount of people rescued or items recovered.

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