Seismic Charge Launcher

Seismic Charge Launcher

Allows recovery of deep core material deposits from asteroids (requires refinery).

— In-Game Description

The Seismic Charge Launcher is a hardpoint module used in mining. It uses specialized munitions called seismic charge warheads, which can be fired into Fissures on certain asteroids. A Prospector Limpet is required for the Seismic Charge Launcher to function, and a Refinery is required for material excavated with the module.


Destructible "motherlode" asteroids bear Fissures in which Seismic Charge Launcher warheads can be embedded and detonated in order to break the asteroid open. Locating motherlode asteroids is possible by memorizing the shapes and sizes of the three variants, but bringing the proper equipment makes the process considerably easier. The Pulse Wave Analyser utility highlights resource-bearing asteroids, and reacts strongly to motherlode asteroids. Having Night Vision active can help the Pulse Wave Analyser's pulse stand out in low-light areas of planetary rings. Prospector Limpets can be used to confirm that an asteroid contains a certain resource and enable the Fissures to be targeted.


Detonating Seismic Charge warheads

Upon successfully embedding in a Fissure, a Seismic Charge Launcher warhead will automatically begin a 120 second countdown to detonation, during which time additional warheads can be planted in other Fissures; subsequent warheads will sync up with the first warhead for a simultaneous detonation. If a sufficient number of warheads are planted on the asteroid, then detonation will break the asteroid apart into shards and expose new mineral deposits. Too few warheads will fail to shatter the asteroid, and too many will destroy some of the mineral deposits. Armed warheads can be manually disarmed or detonated early via the Contacts panel. Warheads that do not embed in a Fissure will bounce off and detonate harmlessly without causing any other warheads to detonate.[1]


Successful asteroid cracking and shockwave

Detonating warheads can pose a serious danger to the pilot's ship. At close-range, synced exploding warheads and the shockwave that results from a successful cracking of an asteroid can inflict severe damage to a ship's shields and hull. Within a 2-kilometer radius, the shockwave will cause temporary sensor and HUD disruption. It is recommended to retreat beyond a 2-kilometer radius before the warheads detonate in order to avoid all effects of the blast.


Complex warheads that, when shot into asteroid fissures, will attach and activate a count down to detonation. When the timer hits zero, a destructive shock wave will be fired out, breaking down the fissure's structural integrity and potentially cracking an asteroid apart. Any further warheads activated during the countdown will sync with the first and detonate simultaneously. The trigger can be held to increase the power of the explosive charge. A refinery module is required to process asteroid chunks into saleable commodities. Only functions in analysis mode.

— Additional In-Game Description

Class Rating Mass (T) Integrity Power Draw (MW) Weapon Mode Damage Charge Time (S) Damage Multiplier Full Charge Armour Piercing Rate of Fire (S) Ammo Clip Size Ammo Maximum Value (CR)
2 B 4.00 51 1.20 Fixed 15 2.0 1.0 35 1.0 1 48 170,123
2 B 4.00 51 1.20 Turreted 15 2.0 1.0 35 1.0 1 48 445,570

Purchase Locations

Class Rating System Station
2 B Shinrarta Dezhra Jameson Memorial
2 B Zlota Nusslein-Volhard Settlement
2 B Sol Titan City
2 B Atagat Glashow City
2 B Tau Ceti Ortiz Moreno City
2 B Atlantis Kimura Terminal
2 B 78 Ursae Majoris Berners-Lee City
2 B Ogmar Whirling Station
2 B Ogmar Dervish Platform
2 B Ross 667 Alexander Terminal
2 B DS Leonis B Grandin Terminal
2 B Pi Dimshi Crown Orbital



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