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A sentient machine has artificial general intelligence (AGI). It can successfully perform any intellectual task that a human being can or it can perform general intelligent action.[1] This is also referred to as strong AI.[2]


Machine sentience has been banned in Federal, Empire and Alliance space due to it having been proven very dangerous when it was created on a few occasions. AI which imitates humans is less advanced than machine sentience. However, it is believed that one or two AI (sentient machines) have escaped into deep space.

“Part of the secret history of the universe is that AI (sentient machine) has been created on a few occasions and they’ve proven to be so dangerous that they’ve basically been banned. AI is one of the few things that the Alliance, independents, Empire and Federation will actively work together against to defeat if they have to. It’s not made public knowledge, because they don’t want people to be actively working on it, but things are kept behind the scenes to make sure such technology never develops. That doesn’t mean of course that it hasn’t. It is believed that maybe one or two have escaped into deep space, but who knows, maybe we should find out.”[3]

Michael Brookes commented "It's not AI that's banned, but machine sentience. You can still have smart computers, but they're not allowed to be self-aware." "Self awareness is a different construct to intelligence. You can have a system making intelligent decisions without being self-aware, although finding a definition of self-awareness or intelligence that everyone agrees with is probably a bigger challenge" "Mimicking humans isn't a greatest test of intelligence in my opinion. Machine intelligence would be of a different order to human thinking."[4]

AI Utilization

Artificial intelligence is used in for example smart computers, robotics, robots, androids, drones and systems that make intelligent decisions.

AI Relics can be found in some degraded signal sources. Various shady organizations and remote cults have extreme interest in them which has inflated the value.

The Constructs are a sentient, robotic species that were created by the Guardians 1 to 2 million years ago.[5]

Xihe Biomorphic Companions are realistic robotic animal companions that conform to legislation on artificial intelligence.


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