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The September Update is a planned standalone content update for Elite Dangerous that will be released on September 18, 2019. After the April Update, it will be the second of a series of updates throughout 2019 designed to provide quality of life improvements and a more welcoming beginning experience for new players. The September Update will be followed by the December Update.[1][2]

Features Edit

  • New "In Ship" Starter Experience
    • When starting a new game, players are given essential pilot training by a Pilots Federation instructor. Lessons include:
      • Basic flight controls and scanning.
      • Supercruise and navigation.
      • A combat exercise around a Megaship.
      • Completing a hyperspace jump and docking at a Starport.
    • These new training missions feature VO across all languages supported by Elite Dangerous.
    • Veteran Commanders can experience the new training missions at any time by accessing the training section of the right HUD panel.
  • Improved Livery System and Arx Currency
    • Frontier Points, previously used by Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players to purchase cosmetics in the Frontier Store, are rebranded as Arx, and expanded to include PC players, unifying the cosmetic system across all platforms. Arx can be purchased outside the game or earned in-game, and can be redeemed on all Livery items.
    • Options to preview cosmetic items before purchase are expanded to include multiple camera angles.
    • Players can purchase individual cosmetic items from bundles without needing to purchase the entire bundle.
    • Ship Livery can be changed from the game's main menu at any time without the need to be docked at a station with Outfitting and Livery services.

References Edit

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