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Felicia Winters, current Shadow President of the Liberal Party

Shadow President is the title held by the leader of the opposition party in Federal Congress. When the leader of one of the Federation's two main political parties, the Liberal Party and the Republican Party, is elected President of the Federation, then the leader of the other party automatically becomes Shadow President. The title of Shadow President has no executive power attached to it, nor is it related to the position of Vice President of the Federation.


Congressman Zachary Hudson of the Republican Party held the title of Shadow President during the Liberal administration of President Jasmina Halsey; when Halsey disappeared in 3301, she lost a Vote of No Confidence called by Hudson, and Hudson was then elected President by a Congressional vote.[1] Congressman Felicia Winters, formerly Secretary of State under Halsey and Acting President during the initial days of her disappearance, was the de facto head of the Liberal Party at the time, and consequently became Shadow President.[2][3]

Shadow Presidents may appoint a Shadow Vice President, who serves as the opposition party's deputy leader, as well as a Shadow Cabinet.[1] Edgar Santiago held the position of Shadow Vice President of the Liberal Party until his sudden retirement in late 3304. Santiago was replaced by Congressman Isolde Rochester, a longtime supporter of both former Federal President Halsey and Shadow President Winters.[4]

List of known Shadow Presidents

Name Term Notes
Antonia Madison ~3260 - 3264 Approved by Congress to replace President Eugene Cooper after he failed his mandatory vote of no confidence in 3264.[5]
Zachary Hudson ~3300 - June 2, 3301 Approved by Congress to replace President Jasmina Halsey after she went missing and failed an early vote of no confidence in 3301.[1]
Felicia Winters June 2, 3301 - Present Current Shadow President.[2][3]

List of known Shadow Vice Presidents

Name Term Notes
Edgar Santiago ~3301 - December 26, 3304 Retired from politics.[4]
Isolde Rochester December 26, 3304 - Present Appointed by Felicia Winters to replace Edgar Santiago.[4]


  • This title is similar to a Shadow Minister, a position held by a member of the principal opposing party to the current Prime Minister's party, normally 'shadowing' a specific government minister. The direct equivalent post is the Leader of the Opposition, who is the leader of the principal opposing party.[6]
  • This title is the rough equivalent of a minority leader who is the floor leader of the second largest caucus in a legislative body.[7]