Shield Booster

Strengthens the active shield if powered. Multiple boosters stack in effectiveness.

— In-Game Description

The Shield Booster is a utility module that is used to increase the strength of a ship's shields.


The Shield Booster increases shield strength by the given percentage automatically and continuously once installed, and will continue functioning as long as it is powered. Note that the Shield Booster is not a substitute for a Shield Generator, and will provide no benefit if it is installed on a ship that does not have an active Shield Generator. If multiple Shield Boosters are installed, the boost effect stacks additively, but there are diminishing returns for stacking beyond a cumulative shield boost of 80%, plus a hard cap at 150%. This limitation also applies to engineered Shield Boosters.


Class Rating Mass (T) Integrity Power
Draw (MW)
Value (CR)
0 E 0.50 25 0.20 4% 10,000
0 D 1.00 35 0.50 8% 23,000
0 C 2.00 40 0.7 12% 53,000
0 B 3.00 45 1.00 16% 122,000
0 A 3.50 48 1.20 20% 281,000

Engineer Modifications

The following modifications can be applied to this module by Engineers to enhance its abilities:


  • The Shield Booster was added in the Wings Update (1.2) on March 10, 2015.
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