Shinrarta Dezhra
Controlling FactionThe Pilots Federation
AllegiancePilots Federation

This is the only system directly controlled by the Pilots Federation and entry is only allowed to those invited. Achieving a high status is the usual cause for invitation, but other more secretive methods are also known. The system is governed by the Elite Pilots Federation, and members are allowed to retire here.

— Universal Cartographics

Shinrarta Dezhra is a system ruled by The Pilots Federation. Visiting requires the Founders World permit. The permit can be obtained by achieving an Elite rank in Combat, Trade, Exploration or CQC.[1] A permit could also be obtained by backing Elite: Dangerous on Kickstarter (it is the "secretive methods" mentioned in the system description).

At the station Jameson Memorial, all ships and modules are available to purchase, with a 10% discount. The rare commodity Waters of Shintara is also available there.

Shinrarta Dezhra is one of the few systems to be immune to being controlled or exploited in Powerplay.[2]

The Dark Wheel are also active in the Shinrarta Dezhra system.

System LayoutEdit

Minor FactionsEdit

  • The Pilots Federation - Independent, Democracy.
  • Workers of Skeggiko O Labour - Independent, Democracy.
  • People's Bunda Independents - Federation, Democracy.
  • The Dark Wheel - Independent, Democracy.
  • LFT 926 Interstellar - Independent, Corporate.


  • The top Kickstarter pledge for Elite Dangerous allowed a backer (Forum user Liqua) to "name the secret founder's system." The name has a hidden meaning.[3]
    • Shinrarta Dezhra's meaning was seemingly revealed in the novel Elite Dangerous: Premonition, written by Drew Wagar and released in 2017. According to the character Luko Prestigio Giovanni, "Shinrarta Dezhra" means "Life, she saw, hope" in an ancient Earth language (Russian). The name is further broken down in the text: Shinrarta Dezhra is the simplified form of Zhizn Ra'at Nadezhda, with zhizn meaning "life", ra'at meaning "she saw", and nadezhda meaning "hope".

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