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F63 Condor shipwreck on a planet

For Thargoid shipwreck sites, see Crashed Thargoid Ship.

Shipwrecks are sites found on planetary surfaces that consist of one or more derelict human ships or SRVs that have crashed, been destroyed, or been abandoned, along with scattered Commodities and Materials. Some have been located by following transmissions picked up by nearby Listening Posts, which usually involves finding a trio of related Listening Posts and combining their fragmentary data logs to determine the shipwreck's system, body, and surface coordinates. The locations of others have been randomly distributed to commanders by anonymous sources via "Tip Off" messages, which contain full details about the site as well as a single-use key that will allow valuable Data Packages from the Ship Data Core to be downloaded. Many shipwrecks have uplinks that can be scanned with a Data Link Scanner to retrieve text and audio logs recorded by the ship's crew or owner which shed light what caused the ship to crash.


System Planet Surface Coordinates Notes
HD 76133 (Elysium's Rest) 1 C 23.488, 81.934 Anaconda Graveyard[1]
HIP 14840 2 41.1, -68.6 Type-9 Heavy (Tip Off)[2]
Pegasi Sector IR-W d1-90 2 -22.86, -161.86 Multiple crashed ships[3]
HIP 17403 A 4 A -34.9890, -141.4022 Deep crater with a Thargoid Interceptor, Anaconda, and Type-9 Heavy (Tourist Destination 0633)[4]
Viable source of Thargoid Sensor and Sensor Fragments only.
Merope 2 A -23.5, 75.5 Crashed F63 Condor
HR 5906 AB 2 A 6.92017, -102.43405 Anaconda shipwreck settlement
Orrere 2 B 43.812, -173.972 The first discovered Anaconda wreck. Difficult to land a big ship and very uneven terrain that can trap a SRV.[5]
Koli Discii C 6 A 28.577, 7.219 Anaconda wreck. Great flat site, only issue being a long journey from star.[6][7]
Leucos A 5 A -36.128, -45.243 Anaconda wreck. Low grade mats only: vanadium, manganese, zinc.[8]
Shui Wei sector XU-P b5-1 A 1 -1.91, 173.20 Crashed ship graveyard discovered by webby962.[9]
HIP 12099 1 B -54.3, -50.3 John Jameson's crashed vintage Cobra MkIII. Discovered by CMDR Robbie Junior on November 25, 3303.[10]
Col 285 Sector NI-P b20-0 6 A -8.43, -142.26 Crashed Eagle MkII belonging to the missing sister of a tip-off mission giver. Discovered by Bobaaganoosh.[11]
Almana 1 A 16.9, 116.83 Crashed Diamondback
Renet B 1 135, 14 Crashed Anaconda[12]
Alshat A 6 B 24.2493, -29.0171 Expedition Vessel Odysseus, an abandoned Anaconda
Alshat A 6 B 28.1916, -29.99 SRV-Odysseus, an abandoned Scarab
Alshat A 6 B 26.8376, -29.0197 Clark's Rest, a transmitter
HIP 32001 3 a 7.78, 142.94 Ariane's Pride, a crashed Type-9 Heavy. Discovered by CMDR Sean Bannon.[13]
Mandhrithar B 3 Type-9 Heavy crash site; Thargoid Sensor nearby. Discovered by CMDR KokiriWolf.
Oochoss YB-S d5-3 5 -18.3354, 178.1296 Crashed F63 Condor. Discovered by CMDR NETAN MALDORAN.
LHS 2429 1 -14.17, 131.13 Crashed Type-9 Heavy. Discovered by CMDR DJA.
HIP 16378 3 b 37.0654, -147.8092 Crashed Diamondback Explorer "Stargazer".[14]
HIP 17746 3 c 23.1688, 14.8599 Crashed Diamondback Explorer "Recon 6".[15]
Colonia 5 e a 29.2425, 39.1472 Hyford's Cache
Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1 3 11.6467, -38.0972 Wrecked SRV and Thargoid Barnacle. Associated with Penelope Carver's survey team.
HIP 69200 1 B -59.1797, -76.6923 Penelope Carver's crashed Sidewinder
LTT 1935 6 A 30.1758, 56.0760 Crashed Anaconda with Thargoid Sensors nearby. Likely associated with the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army, which used corrosive enzymes obtained from Thargoid tech in its explosives and built bomb-making facilities in the system.
Trianguli Sector GW-W b1-0 1 A -12.2730, 24.7034 Valkyrie crash site
HIP 36165 A 3 F -37.2882, -109.3585 Likely smugglers, as the wreck is surrounded by narcotics and personal weapons.
Col 285 Sector NA-S b19-6 2 a -0.08, -65.55 Crashed Eagle MkII. Tip-off site with Ship Data Core and commodities.


  • Shipwrecks are not to be confused with generic Points of Interest which appear on planetary surfaces. Points of Interest appear randomly during surface exploration, and are neither static nor persistent sites. One way to determine if a crashed ship is a true Shipwreck or a temporary Point of Interest is to see if the site has a persistent nav point which can be selected from orbit.