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| Type-9 Heavy crash site; Thargoid Sensor nearby. Discovered by CMDR KokiriWolf.
| Type-9 Heavy crash site; Thargoid Sensor nearby. Discovered by CMDR KokiriWolf.
|Crashed F63 Condor. Discovered by CMDR NETAN MALDORAN,

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F63 Condor shipwreck on a planet

Shipwrecks are static and persistent locations that can be found on planetary surfaces and in space. Unlike Points of Interest, these locations can't be found from a Point of Interest or an SRV Wave Scanner. Instead they are static and located on specific planetary locations. These locations are far between which makes them rare.

Shipwrecks in space may include capital ships and dozens of faction ships that were attacked by Thargoids. These sites can have Occupied Escape Pods and other miscellaneous materials. However, they are not without risk as some contain 2-4 Thargoid Interceptors.

Rarely, the location of a Shipwreck may be indicated by a message received from an unknown source, titled "Tip Off". The message will contain full details on the wreck's location - system, planet, and longitude/latitude. These shipwrecks will have data cores that can be scanned with an SRV Data Link Scanner to provide credit payouts (several hundred thousand, potentially upwards of 1 million) alongside miscellaneous scattered cargo canisters and possibly other items, but the data core can only be scanned if you possess a single-use key issued with the initial mail.



System Planet Surface Coordinates Notes
HD 76133 (Elysium's Rest) 1 C 23.488, 81.934 Anaconda Graveyard[1]
Pleiades Sector AB-W B2-4 9 A -26.37, 97.70 Alien Crash Site with an ancient Thargoid Interceptor
HIP 17862 6 C A 30.32, -98.58 Thargoid Interceptor shipwreck discovered on Nov. 3, 3302; Thargoid Sensors can be found at this site
HIP 17125 A 3 A -65.8193, 48.8662 Thargoid Scout
HIP 14840 2 41.1, -68.6 Crashed Type-9 Heavy[2]
Pegasi Sector IR-W d1-90 2 -22.86, -161.86 Crashed Ships[3]
HIP 17403 A 4 A -34.9890, -141.4022 Deep crater with a Thargoid Interceptor, Anaconda and T9 (Tourist Destination #0633)[4]
Viable source of Thargoid Sensor and Sensor Fragments. No cargo racks / raw materials.
Merope 2 A -23.5, 75.5 Crashed F63 Condor
HR 5906 AB 2 A 6.92017, -102.43405 Anaconda shipwreck settlement[5]
Orrere 2 B 43.812, -173.972 The original Anaconda wreck but not the best. Difficult to land a big ship and very uneven terrain that can get your SRV stuck. Bring two.[6]
Koli Discii C 6 A 28.577, 7.219 Anaconda wreck. Great flat site, only issue being a long journey from star.[7][8]
Leucos A 5 A -36.128, -45.243 Anaconda wreck. Low grade mats only: vanadium, manganese, zinc.[9]
Pleiades Sector JC-U B3-2 1 20.872, 91.670 Anaconda wreck.[10]
Shui Wei sector XU-P b5-1 A 1 -1.91, 173.20 Crashed ship graveyard discovered by webby962.[11]
HIP 12099 1 B -54.3, -50.3 John Jameson's crashed Cobra MkIII. Discovered by CMDR Robbie Junior on November 25, 3303.[12]
Col 285 Sector NI-P b20-0 6 A -8.43, -142.26 Crashed Eagle MkII of lost sister. Discovered by Bobaaganoosh.[13]
Almana 1 A 16.9, 116.83 Crashed Diamondback.
Renet B 1 135, 14 Anaconda wreck.[14]
Alshat A 6 B -26.8373, -29.0200 Clark's Rest (SRV)[15]
HIP 32001 3 a 7.78, 142.94 Ariane's Pride crash site, a crashed Type-9 Heavy. Discovered by CMDR Sean Bannon.[16]
Mandhrithar B 3 Type-9 Heavy crash site; Thargoid Sensor nearby. Discovered by CMDR KokiriWolf.
OOCHOSS YB-S D5-3 5 -18.3354,


Crashed F63 Condor. Discovered by CMDR NETAN MALDORAN,

Deep Space

System Location Notes
Pleiades Sector OI-T c3-7 Orbiting Planet B 8 Lowell Class Science Vessel HDR-617[17]




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