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Launches mines that are designed to physically shock and push on a ship more than damage it outright.

— In-Game Description

Shock Mine Launcher

The Shock Mine Launcher is a variant of the Mine Launcher that drops unique concussive mines. Although these mines inflict slightly reduced explosive damage compared to standard mines, their primary purpose is to disorient other ships using concussive force rather than destroy them, and as such can be a useful tool for escaping attackers.


The Shock Mine Launcher is deployed in the same manner as the Mine Launcher and drops a single mine when fired. After a mine is launched, it will detonate when any ship, including the ship that launched it, enters its proximity. Unlike standard mines, shock mines produce a concussive blast wave in addition to explosive damage that is very effective at buffeting smaller ships off their trajectory and potentially causing a few moments of pilot disorientation. Ships with greater mass are proportionally more resistant to this concussive force. Shock mines can be used as an escape tool to delay pursuers while charging the Frame Shift Drive or as a method to push enemy ships into asteroids within heavy asteroid fields, but otherwise their utility is limited.

The shock mine effect is similar to, but more powerful than, the Force Shell Experimental Effect that can be applied to Cannons. Multiple shock mines deployed in a close cluster will produce an amplified concussive effect when they detonate together, and small ships or ships with weak shields and hulls may be destroyed by the combined explosive damage.


Class 1
Rating I
Mass (T) 2.00
Integrity 40
Power Draw 0.400
Weapon Mode Fixed
Damage Type Explosive
Damage 32.0
Armour Piercing 60
Thermal Load/s 5.00
Ammo Clip Size 1
Ammo Maximum 36
Value (CR) 36,390

Engineer Modifications

This weapon can be modified by Engineers to enhance its abilities.


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Experimental Effects

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  • Prior to Elite Dangerous: Beyond 3.2, shock mines produced no damage whatsoever. The update altered them so that they would inflict 80% of the explosive damage of standard mines.