Silicate Crystal

Silicate Crystal

These crystalline structures consist mainly of silicate minerals.

— In-Game Description

Silicate Crystals are crystalline structures found in Notable Stellar Phenomena that are produced by colonies of spacefaring microorganisms.

Types Edit

There are six known types of Silicate Crystals:

  • Albidum Silicate Crystals
  • Cymatilis Silicate Crystals
  • Flavum Silicate Crystals
  • Lindigoticum Silicate Crystals
  • Prasinum Silicate Crystals
  • Purpureum Silicate Crystals
  • Roseum Silicate Crystals
  • Rubeum Silicate Crystals

Locations Edit

System Type Reported By
Iorady EI-B d13-0 Lindigoticum Quish Stormbringer
Oodgosly GI-B d13-11
Oodgosly DS-B d13-5
Swaunds JS-B d13-5
Throefou KZ-D d13-97 Lindigoticum Pitulek

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