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Sinuous Tubers

These organic structures are distinguished by their tubular shape and vivid colouration.

— In-Game Description

Sinuous Tubers are a species of Fungal Life that have been found on the surfaces of airless planets and moons across the galaxy. They were originally nicknamed "Tube Worms" by explorers due to their resemblance to tube worms found on Earth.


There are four known types of Sinuous Tuber:

  • Albidum Sinuous Tuber
  • Caeruleum Sinuous Tuber
  • Prasinum Sinuous Tuber
  • Roseus Sinuous Tuber


System Planet Coordinates Type Reported By
Myrielk QL-W b56-92
Juenae PU-B b5-133 A 3 A -79.57, 113.72 CMDR Daxk Starcrasher[1]
Juenae PU-B b5-133 BC 2 A -19.47, 0.01 / 26.05, -151.18 CMDR Daxk Starcrasher[1]
Juenae PU-B b5-133 BC 4 A -38.03, -92.76 CMDR Daxk Starcrasher[1]
Eimbaith LW-W e1-290 1 C A -31.15, 134.16 CMDR Taen & CMDR Odengard
Dumbooe PN-T d3-5420 Albidum CMDR Kepucz[2]