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Famous as the first true corporate system and also notable for the first interstellar war. Since 2350, the Sirius Corporation has been using the vast amounts of cheap energy available on Lucifer from coils wrapped around the planet for the synthesis of custom elements (particularly military-grade fuel). Has the ancient name of Alpha Canis Majoris. The permit for this system can be obtained via the Sirius Corporation faction.

— In-Game Description

Sirius is an independent system in the Core Systems within the Inner Orion Spur. The system is permit-locked, and the permit can be obtained by becoming Allied with the Sirius Corporation minor faction in any system where it has a presence. Sirius is the headquarters of the Sirius Corporation, the first and most powerful of the megacorporations, and also the first system to have been colonised entirely by a commercial enterprise.


Sirius was colonised in 2339 by the first entirely corporate colonial mission, which founded Sirius Corporation. In short order, Sirius Corp exploited the system's rich energy resources and became the premier supplier of drive fuel throughout human space, as well as the first of the megacorporations.[1]

On February 18, 3307, Sirius Corporation CEO Li Yong-Rui announced that the Sirius system would host the first Galactic Summit between the superpowers. The decision to hold the event in Sirius was met with protest from the Alliance and Empire due to the system's location deep within Federation territory, but Yong-Rui insisted that Sirius Corp was wholly independent and attendees of the conference would be protected by diplomatic immunity.[2] A megaship named Spirit of Laelaps also arrived in Sirius and entered the orbit of the gas giant Waypoint to serve as logistics support.

The delegations for the Galactic Summit began arriving at Patterson Enterprise and making formal introductions on February 25. CEO Yong-Rui revealed that Sirius Corp would partner with a different superpower for each week of the event to provide security, starting with the Federation, then the Empire, and ending with the Alliance.[3][4] The conference was interrupted on March 11 by the Nine Martyrs incident, a coordinated attack on nine starports in major systems carried out by the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army, and Sirius was placed under lockdown.[5] Hours later, the Galactic Summit was cancelled over fears that Patterson Enterprise would be the NMLA's next target. The delegations returned to their home systems under high security.[6] On March 18, the Spirit of Laelaps departed Sirius and jumped to Luyten's Star.

System Layout

  • Sirius (A-class star)
  • Sirius B (White Dwarf)
    • Lucifer (High Metal Content World, Landable)

Minor Factions

  • Crimson Dynamic Commodities (Corporate, Federation)
  • Freedom Party of Sirius (Dictatorship, Independent)
  • Nationalists of Sirius (Dictatorship, Independent)
  • Sirius Corporation (Corporate, Independent)
  • Sirius Free (Democracy, Federation)
  • Sirius Silver Mafia (Anarchy, Independent)