Famous as the first true corporate system and also notable for the first interstellar war. Since 2350, the Sirius Corporation has been using the vast amounts of cheap energy available on Lucifer from coils wrapped around the planet for the synthesis of custom elements (particularly military-grade fuel). Has the ancient name of Alpha Canis Majoris. The permit for this system can be obtained via the Sirius Corporation faction.

— In-Game Description

Sirius is a permit-locked system in the Core Systems and the headquarters of the Sirius Corporation.

Access to Sirius requires a permit which can be obtained by becoming allied with the Sirius Corporation minor faction, and accepting the Permit Acquisition Opportunity mission from the Mission Board.


Sirius is the brightest star in Earth's night sky and one of the closest at 8.6 light years distance. A binary star system, it lies in Canis Major, near the Orion constellation. The main A-type star has a magnitude of −1.46 and there is a faint white dwarf companion. The system is between 200 and 300 million years old.[1] Originally it was composed of two bright blueish stars. Sirius is also called the Dog Star in some ancient cultures. The phrase "the dog days of summer" means the hottest days of summer.

In 2339 a commercial colonial expedition reached the unusual binary Sirius system. The colonisation was the first solely corporate colonial mission and the company rapidly rose to become the premier supplier of drive fuel throughout human space.[2]

System Layout

  • Sirius (A-class Star)
    • Waypoint (Class III Gas Giant)
      • Patterson Enterprise (Coriolis Starport)
  • Sirius B (White Dwarf)
    • Lucifer (High Metal Content World, Landable)
      • Efremov Plant (Surface Port)
      • O'Brien Vision (Orbital Outpost)
      • Qwent Research Base (Surface Port, Engineer Base)

Minor Factions

  • Crimson Dynamic Commodities (Corporate, Federation)
  • Freedom Party of Sirius (Dictatorship, Independent)
  • Nationalists of Sirius (Dictatorship, Independent)
  • Sirius Corporation (Corporate, Independent)
  • Sirius Free (Democracy, Federation)
  • Sirius Silver Mafia (Anarchy, Indpendent)



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