The Sirius Corporation, commonly known as Sirius Corp. or simply Sirius, is the oldest and most powerful of the mega corporations. While even larger mega corporations exist, such as Faulcon DeLacy,[1] none of them compare to the wealth and influence of Sirius.[2] Its headquarters is located in the Sirius system, which requires a permit that is only granted to Sirius's allies.

Sirius Corporation specializes in the development and production of fusion reactors, Power Generators, Hydrogen Fuel, and hyperdrive models such as the Frame Shift Drive, and it maintains an active interest in furthering the exploration and colonisation of the galaxy.[3][4] It is also one of the galaxy's two main personal computer suppliers, alongside Achilles Corporation.[5] Divisions of Sirius Corporation include Sirius Catering, Sirius Mining, Sirius Power, Sirius Luxury Transports, Sirius Industrial, Sirius Atmospherics. Another division, Sirius Gov, is a government operated by Sirius to manage systems and populations directly under the corporation's control.[2]

Li Yong-Rui is the current CEO of Sirius Corporation. All stations in systems controlled or exploited by Li Yong-Rui offer a discount on modules, weapons, and ships to all independent pilots.



By 2200 corporations had a stranglehold on a great many aspects of life, and this didn't stop during colonisation, though there was quite a delay before the first wholly corporate system was settled. The colonisation of Sirius by a solely corporate mission in 2339 and Sirius Corporation's rapid rise to become the premier supplier of drive fuel to first the Federation and then the Empire led to much corporate profiteering between the two superpowers. Throughout this period, conflicts of interest were raised by congressmen backed by corporate interests. However, Sirius Corporation delegates were also responsible for initiating negotiations between the superpowers in 2379 to end the long cold war that followed the Battle of Achenar, the first interstellar war. In 2381, this resulted in the signing of a formal peace treaty in which the Federation agreed to grant Achenar and its colonies full autonomy, as well as recognize the hereditary position of Emperor.[6][7][1]

New Drive Technology

In 3278, the Corporation saw a turnaround in its decline with the introduction of a new, faster drive system. Any similarities to the system in the Antares incident were denied at the time, though acknowledgements decades later revealed it was based on the results of the same research program. In the following years further improvements were made available both by Sirius and by its rivals, each dramatically reducing jump times, eventually resulted in very rapid hyperspace travel; journeys that previously took days could now be made in seconds.[8] The new Frame Shift Drive (FSD) was released to the public in 3297, and by 3300 all registered ships had been upgraded with the new technology.[1]

Unknown to the general public, during the 3270s the Alliance reverse-engineered Thargoid technology to produce the Frame Shift Drive. To prevent any one power or faction from leveraging it, The Club ensured that this technology fell into the hands of Sirius Corporation, which monopolized it and distributed it to all powers and factions to provide a level playing field.[9]

Not only did the success of the FSD trigger a new period of galactic expansion, but it also resulted in the expansion of Sirius Corporation into various other fields, with offices throughout human space.[8]

Bid for Ram Tah

On October 26, 3304, Sirius Corporation extended an offer to the engineer Ram Tah to establish a partnership for the purpose of expanding the development of human-Guardian hybrid technologies. The invitation came on the heels of an attempted incursion into Ram Tah's Phoenix Base in the Meene system, ostensibly to seize Guardian technology samples. Sirius CEO Li Yong-Rui remarked that Ram Tah would benefit from access to Sirius's resources and security.[10] Ram Tah declined the offer, fearing that Sirius would try to monopolize the hybrid technology.[11]

A mercenary group was then intercepted and defeated in Meene on November 7 before they could attack Phoenix Base.[12] In response, the system's security forces launched a campaign to sweep Meene for any other hostiles and recover their escape pods.[13] A number of mercenaries were captured and interrogated, and it was found that several were junior officers in Sirius Corporation's private fleet. Amid accusations that Sirius had been trying to scare Ram Tah into accepting their offer, the company opened a full inquiry.[14][15]

On November 23, Li Yong-Rui revealed the inquiry's findings: a cabal of junior Sirius officers had unofficially collaborated with mercenaries to illegally gain access to Phoenix Base, and had been acting without their superiors' knowledge. He issued a public apology to Ram Tah for his employees' actions, and confirmed they would face multiple charges and could be imprisoned for life.[16] After Aegis stationed additional security forces in Meene to prevent further disruptions, Li Yong-Rui quietly withdrew his offer to work with Ram Tah.[17]

Marlinist crisis intervention

In late 3306, the Federation and Empire threatened to go to war over the issue of Imperial Marlinist refugees who had fled to Federal territory to escape persecution. The Marlinist refugee crisis had been sparked by a series of terror attacks and political assassinations carried out within the Empire by the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army, a group of radicalized Marlinists who believed that the Empire should be converted into a representative democracy by use of force. While the Empire demanded the return of the refugees in order to ferret out any NMLA members, the Federation refused and granted them temporary asylum, creating a tense standoff. On December 10, Sirius Corporation decided to intervene to prevent a major conflict. CEO Yong-Rui presented a solution: resettle the Marlinist refugees in up to 10 new colonies in unclaimed systems. Both Federal Congress and the Imperial Senate approved the plan, with the caveat that any identified NMLA members among the refugees be turned over to the Empire. Dr. Jenna Fairfax, a Marlinist community leader, also voiced her approval of the plan, as it would end the uncertain predicament in which her people had been mired for weeks.[18]

Enough supplies were collected by the campaign's deadline on December 17 to colonize the first eight of the proposed systems. Construction of the Marlinist Colonies was expected to be completed in early 3307, after which the Marlinist refugees would be transported to their new homes. Marlinist community leader Aaron Whyte expressed his gratitude, but also remarked that the Marlinists' distant goal of peacefully reforming the Empire into a democracy remained unchanged.[19] Construction work was underway by December 21, and the Marlinists began preparing for the move and setting up an interim government. The logistics of transporting the refugees to their new homes were to be managed by humanitarian aid organisation Safeguard Interstellar.[20] The Marlinist Colonies were officially completed on January 14, 3307, by which time over 800 million Marlinist refugees had already been relocated to the new settlements.[21]

Sirius Corporation attempted to parlay its success with the Marlinist Colonies into proof that it was an impartial player on the galaxy's political stage. After Simguru Pranav Antal of Utopia proposed hosting a Galactic Summit for the three superpowers, CEO Li Yong-Rui presented a counterproposal on January 18 to hold the conference in Sirius. Yong-Rui argued that Sirius Corporation had more resources than Utopia, could provide better security, and was already trusted by the superpowers.[22]


The Sirius Corporation – The First of the Mega-corporations[3]

In GalNet’s series relating key points in human history, popular historian Sima Kalhana addresses the rise of the first mega-corporation.[3]

Apart from a few isolated backwater systems, the presence of mega-corporations is ubiquitous throughout civilised space. Massive as many of these organisations are, none of them compare to the wealth and influence of the Sirius Corporation.[3]

The rise of the largest corporation in history started in 2339 when the Sirius Corporation launched the first completely corporate colonial mission arrived in the Sirius star system. The continual state of conflict between the Federation and the Empire catapulted the Sirius Corporation into an economic powerhouse as they became the lead supplier of fuel, then later drives and other technologies.[3]

Within a century, its products were integrated into military and civilian production. It also developed an envied trusted status with both superpowers and indeed supplied both sides during their conflicts. This in part was due to strict information restriction protocols and an open promise that it would favour neither side during any conflict.[3]

The Sirius Corporation developed its own code of strict laws to ensure fair dealing as well as the good governance of its workforce. Its influence reached such a state that the so-called ‘Sirius Convention’ was applied not just during deals with the corporation, but between independent systems as well.[3]

Throughout the years, fuel and drive production has remained their core business, although judicious expansion into other markets has driven its astronomical growth. The Sirius Corporation now operates several product-oriented divisions including: Sirius Catering, Sirius Mining, Sirius Power, Sirius Luxury Transports, Sirius Industrial and Sirius Atmospherics. Most recently they launched a new venture, Sirius Gov, to provide governmental services for population management on all scales.[3]

Its history has been marked with some failures, most notable of which is the Antares incident which I will examine in the next article. However, its successes have far exceeded those failures and the Sirius Corporation remains the most powerful corporation in known space.[3]

Sirius Subsidiaries

The Sirius Corporation has a great many subsidiaries, but its main business centres around fusion reactors of all sorts - it makes and sells hyperdrive fuels, hyperdrives, power plants large and small, luxury surface transports, waste processing reactors, atmospheric processing units, industrial facilities for smelting, refining, and a wide range of mining equipment. It has cemented its position by using standardised parts for its power plants - whether it is at the heart of an industrial smelter, a luxury highliner or a surface city.[23]

The Sirius Corporation now runs several dozen systems. These have a strict legal system, their own penal code (based on Federal law), and their own law enforcement. They even have their own navy.[23]

Sirius Industrial

Sirius Industrial makes a broad range of bespoke heavy industrial installations for smelting, refining, processing and manufacturing. There are largely automated and easily assembled on site, using local materials for key elements of the construction where possible. All are centred around large Sirius power reactors - often multiple 100GW units are used in a single plant.[24]

Sirius Atmospherics

Early terraforming tended to use genetically engineered biological processes that would change the atmosphere of a suitable world over many decades to a breathable atmosphere using energy captured from the star via biological processes. This process was both slow, expensive (it was made up of many stages) and only a narrow set of worlds were suitable. The idea of doing direct chemical conversion on a vast scale was there, but not practical because of the vast power requirements.[25]

In late 3306, Sirius Atmospherics partnered with the Alliance to organize an expedition to colonize the Coalsack Nebula.[26] Shortly after the establishment of permanent colonies in the region, Dr. Maximilian North of Sirius Atmospherics announced the development of new terraforming procedures tailored to Ammonia Worlds, which had previously been disregarded as terraforming targets and had only been of interest to the Thargoids.[27][28] Dr. North's subsequent report that the terraforming procedures were proving to be less effective than anticipated stoked speculation from observers such as Flint Lafosse that the project was only a cover story for other Sirius activities in the Coalsack.[29]

Sirius Navy

Sirius Navy is a large organisation, providing vigorous protection for all Sirius Corporation interests. It owns its own cruisers built by Imperial Gutamaya yards, and built under license in Sirius' own naval yards, branded in the Sirius Corporation's own royal blue livery, but much of their naval force comes from a large number of Cutters built under license and by Imperial Gutamaya, operating as patrol ships, and a great many fighters.[30]

Subsidiary Influence

In addition to Sirius Corporation exercising direct control of various facilities, a number of Sirius subsidiaries also vie for influence as minor factions in various systems.

Subsidiary Presence in Systems
Sirius Atmospherics Col 285 Sector UE-G c11-19
Sirius Catering Phanes
Sirius Drives 33 Cygni
Song Ku
Sirius Hot2Cold BD+33 801
Ross 591
Sirius Hyperspace Arietis Sector BV-Y c7
HIP 17655
Sirius Industrial Holler
Sirius Luxury Transports Anandariti
Col 285 Sector BQ-N c7-13
Col 285 Sector BQ-N c7-21
Col 285 Sector YZ-C b14-1
HIP 47050
Xi Shan
Sirius Mining Antliae Sector BQ-Y c4
Ben Sakha
Col 285 Sector BQ-N c7-13
Col 285 Sector EB-B b15-4
Guan Gong
HIP 44560
HIP 47156
Hun Hsinas
Sirius Mining Merope Merope
Sirius Power Kikapu

The Sirius Convention

The Sirius Corporation operated under its own strict laws, governing workers rights, privileges etc., and also put in place conventions whereby in dealings with customers for large projects it voluntarily operated under a special hybrid of local law and Sirius law - where the strictest provision was deemed to be in place. This became known as 'The Sirius Convention' - and was often applied in treaties between independent systems.[31]

The Sirius Corporation developed a strong reputation for fair dealing too. It would never refer to rival jurisdictions or deal terms in a negotiation with a government, and would keep such negotiations strictly to the scope of the deal - not using any of the many levers less scrupulous organisations would frequently call upon. Such deals were said to be conducted 'under the Sirius Rule' - another term that effectively entered the language, much like the 'Chatham House Rule' a millennium earlier.[31]


Li Yong-Rui, CEO of Sirius Corporation


  • Highliner Antares - An experimental passenger liner that went missing during its maiden flight in 3251.[36]


Core Systems

Sirius Corporation maintains a presence in a number of Core Systems.

Sirius Colonies

Beginning in March 3301, Sirius Corporation established a network of colonies and support outposts stretching beyond the Core Systems.[4] While Sirius still maintains a presence in most of these systems, a number of the stations have since fallen under the control of other minor factions. Also, one system that Sirius Corporation had slated for colonization, Wredguia SX-L d7-92, was inexplicably never colonized despite the presence of two natural Earth-like worlds.

On March 22, 3304, Sirius Corp announced that their presence in Sothis and Ceos would be expanded with new starports, settlements, and Megaships.[37] On April 5, 3304, Sirius completed 15 new orbital and planetary starports and multiple Bulk Cruiser Megaships (Aquarius Class Tanker KTF-895, Demeter Class Bulk Cargo Ship HXO-889, Dionysus Class Agricultural Vessel GTP-8846, Freedom Class Survey Vessel MRM-629, Gordon Class Bulk Cargo Ship QLR-562, Hercules Class Bulk Cargo Ship KAS-093, Naphtha Class Tanker HTH-082, and Sagan Class Tourist Ship VOY-438) distributed throughout its colonies. Sothis, Ceos, Robigo, and HIP 8396 each gained three new ports, Takurua gained two, and Almagest gained one.

System Allegiance Stations and Surface Ports Notes
Sothis Federation Don's Inheritance
Newholm Station
Sothis Mining
Vantage Point
Velinski Enterprise
Formerly Wredguia SX-L d7-91
Ceos Federation Babbage Gateway
Brunel Hub
New Dawn Station
Sinclair Market
Formerly Wredguia WD-K d8-66
Robigo Empire Hauser's Reach
Robigo Mines
Sirotanovic's Legacy
Quaid's Vision
Formerly Wredguia QA-N b34-4
Almagest Independent Attenborough Terminal
Sirius Reach
Formerly Wredguia XD-K d8-78
Takurua Independent Foothold Orbital
Mackay's Prospect
Tharp Depot
Formerly Gliese 97.2
HIP 8396 Independent Foster's Beacon
Shackleton's Hope
Stepping Stone Base
Titus Station
Te Kaha Independent New Horizons Orbital Formerly Col 285 Sector WA-L b9-3
Cao Junga Independent Soddy Port
Szilard Point


18 JAN 3307

  • Utopia's ability to host a diplomatic conference for all three superpowers has been challenged by the Sirius Corporation. The megacorp's counter-proposal was announced by CEO Li Yong-Rui: "With all due respect to Simguru Antal, his commune cannot match our level of resources. Sirius is far better placed in terms of logistics and security, and our navy will be able to ensure the safe transportation of all delegates. Furthermore, we already have excellent commercial relationships with the Alliance, Empire and Federation, and can therefore guarantee neutrality. Our recent philanthropic gesture at creating the Marlinist Colonies proves that we are an impartial, stabilising force for the whole galaxy." Discussions regarding the conference have been ongoing in superpower and independent systems alike. Some leaders have decried it as a pointless exercise, while others view it as a rare opportunity for political cohesion. Sirius Corporation and Utopia's propositions for a Galactic Summit are now being compared by potential attendees. However, Zachary Rackham's offer to host the conference at the actual galactic summit of Rackham's Peak is not being seriously considered.[22]

14 JAN 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The newly settled Marlinist Colonies have asked for urgent deliveries of foodstuffs. Millions of Marlinists have relocated to eight systems colonised for them by the Sirius Corporation, thereby reducing tension between the Empire and the Federation. They have asked Universal Cartographics to delay a census of the systems' populations, while the refugees lay the infrastructure for their new societies. The Marlinist factions are holding democratic elections to select their leaders. However, the transitional parliament has declared an emergency due to the shortage of food stocks. Community spokesperson Dr Jenna Fairfax announced: "We are grateful to the galactic community and Sirius Corporation for providing homes. However, we need further help to feed our people in the short term, until we can become self-sufficient. The more supplies we can stockpile, the faster our economies will develop. This in turn will allow us to offer greater commodity discounts, to encourage the establishment of regular trade routes." Pilots are asked to deliver animal meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, and grain to Stillman Hub in the HIP 22550 system. As this system's defence forces are still being formed, the Free Marlinists of Carinae have offered bounties on all wanted ships to secure these initial trade runs to the Marlinist Colonies.[21]

28 DEC 3306

  • Sirius Atmospherics has delivered an update on its experiments to terraform ammonia worlds in the Coalsack Nebula. The subsidiary of Sirius Corporation is working closely with the Alliance to exploit the nebula's resources and pursue scientific investigation, including terraforming terrestrial planets with ammonia-based atmospheres. Project director Dr Maximilian North gave this progress report: "Preliminary efforts at ecosphere conversion have delivered promising results, but our new techniques are not as effective as the simulations based on exploration data suggested. We are still a long way from fully transforming these worlds into habitable environments." Independent journalist Flint 'Firemaker' Lafosse commented on this via the Rewired network: "Does anyone really believe Sirius is there for the terraforming? Of course they can't magically turn ammonia hellholes into paradise planets overnight! I know a cover story when I smell one. I wouldn't be surprised if they're deliberately trying to provoke the Thargoids for some reason, maybe to capture some specimens. Where there's xenos, there's credits." The Alliance has corroborated Dr North's report, but also confirmed an increase in Sirius Corporation personnel and equipment arriving in the Coalsack Nebula.[38]

21 DEC 3306

  • As independent colonies are set up for Marlinist refugees, there has been a lull in terrorist strikes from the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army (NMLA). In recent months, the paramilitary group launched multiple attacks across the Empire. Starports and administrative buildings were bombed and dozens of individuals assassinated, including Prince Harold and more distant members of the Duval family. However, the number of incidents has fallen drastically following successful operations by the Imperial Internal Security Service: "After the Federal Security Service identified NMLA members aboard the emigrants' megaships, these were transferred to us for interrogation. We obtained information that enabled us to shut down many terrorist cells, although there is evidence that the NMLA's network remains widespread." In related news, hundreds of thousands of Marlinist refugees are preparing to occupy new colony systems established by the Sirius Corporation. Mass transportation will take place early next year, overseen by Safeguard Interstellar. The Empire, Federation and Sirius Gov have all agreed that the settlements will remain fully independent. The refugee population has already begun to determine its future social structure, based on the principles of Marlinism. A transitional parliament has been formed by community leaders such as Dr Jenna Fairfax, Aaron Whyte and Amrita Ross. Democratic elections for a representative government will take place once the Marlinist Colonies are operational.[20]

17 DEC 3306

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Sirius Corporation has successfully gathered materials to construct new independent settlements for Marlinist emigrants. Both the Empire and the Federation accepted the proposal from Sirius Corporation to establish colonies for the political refugees, who have been the cause of increased tension between the superpowers. CEO Li Yong-Rui made this announcement: "As always, the galactic community's immense contribution has made this achievement possible. The shipments of atmospheric processors, auto-fabricators, structural regulators and water purifiers will be used to construct new outposts and settlements in 8 uninhabited systems." The Omega Merchant Command is now offering rewards at Ellis Gateway in the Bd+05 1146 system to all pilots who delivered commodities. Aaron Whyte, a community leader among the refugees, commented on Vox Galactica: "I suppose we should be grateful that these colonies give us a chance of survival. But none of us wanted to set up our own kingdoms – only to remove the kings. And one day, we will." The Marlinist population is expected to be transferred from Federal space to the new colonies in early 3307.[19]

10 DEC 3306

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Commodities are requested to create new settlements for Marlinist refugees who fled from the Empire to the Federation.
    Sirius Corporation has offered to resolve the current standoff between superpowers by establishing colonies where the refugees can live independently. Li Yong-Rui, CEO of Sirius Corporation, summarised his proposal: "It is clear that the Marlinists cannot return to the Empire, and are a destabilising presence within the Federation. We offer an alternative by constructing permanent habitats for their population. These will be self-governed and may freely trade with the galactic community. Sirius cannot stand by while the risk of interstellar war increases. I sincerely hope this leads to a more stable and profitable period for us all." After intense debate, both Congress and the Senate accepted the proposal, with the proviso that any refugees identified as NMLA members will be returned to the Empire. Dr Jenna Fairfax, a Marlinist community leader, also offered her approval: "We were forced to abandon our entire lives because of our political beliefs. This at least gives us a chance to have homes again." Traders are asked to deliver atmospheric processors, auto-fabricators, structural regulators and water purifiers to Ellis Gateway in the Bd+05 1146 system. From there, the Omega Merchant Command will distribute resources for the colonisation of up to ten uninhabited systems.[18]

10 DEC 3306

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Explorers have catalogued many ammonia worlds for a Sirius Atmospherics terraforming project in the Coalsack Nebula.
    The subsidiary of Sirius Corporation is one of several companies that are working in partnership with the Alliance to commercially exploit the region. Project director Dr Maximilian North announced the successful completion of the initiative: "The data provided on planets with ammonia-based atmospheres will be invaluable to our terraforming simulations. With our new environmental techniques, some of these poisonous worlds within the nebula may one day become habitable." Sirius Atmospherics has confirmed that payouts for all contributing pilots are now available at Betancourt Base in the Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1 system. As the expansion into the Coalsack Nebula progresses, Commodore Morag Halloran of the Alliance Defence Force commented on the possibility of further attacks from the Thargoids: "Anti-xeno security is not as stringent as we had planned, due to the low availability of ADF vessels and Aegis being impacted by Federal and Imperial defunding. It may be necessary to call upon the galactic community again, should we encounter further interference from the Thargoids."[39]

03 DEC 3306

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Sirius Atmospherics has requested help from independent pilots to provide exploration data focusing on ammonia worlds for terraforming purposes. The subsidiary of Sirius Corporation is working in partnership with the Alliance to establish colonies within the Coalsack Nebula, and to identify sites of commercial and scientific interest. Dr Maximilian North, Sirius Atmospherics's project director, outlined the requirements: "We have developed revolutionary new terraforming procedures for terrestrial planets with ammonia-based atmospheres. Our collaboration with the Alliance is the perfect opportunity to try and put these to practical use, with the goal of transforming the region into a more human-friendly place. Sirius Atmospherics offers rewards for explorers who can provide us with exploration data. We are particularly interested in detailed scans focusing on the composition of ammonia worlds, not just in the Coalsack Nebula but elsewhere. Gathering wide-ranging data will enable us to determine the most suitable targets for environmental conversion." Pilots are requested to deliver exploration data to the Sirius Atmospherics research facility at Betancourt Base in the Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1 system.[40]

09 NOV 3306

  • Discoveries made two hundred years ago by an abandoned megaship have revealed untapped sources of meta-alloys within the Coalsack Nebula. The Adamastor, which was launched in 3111, returned to the Chukchan system from the Coalsack Nebula on autopilot with no traces of its crew. Thargoid barnacle sites were found in the nebula by independent pilots. The Alliance Assembly has announced an expedition to thoroughly explore the nebula, with the primary goal of securing fresh sources of meta-alloys. A press release stated: "Recent Thargoid activity in the Witch Head Nebula and over-exploitation of that region mean that this latest discovery has come at an opportune time. The Coalsack Nebula will now be the focus of an initiative to identify sites of commercial and scientific interest. To achieve this, we have established new partnerships with several corporations including Sirius Atmospherics. Although the mystery of the Adamastor may never be fully resolved, we hope it will leave a positive legacy for the people of the Alliance." Mention of corporate partnerships caused ripples in certain industries, with speculation that these have been in the pipeline for months. Political commentators also observed that 3307 will be an election year for the Alliance, placing pressure on Prime Minister Edmund Mahon to secure economic stability.[26]

22 MAR 3304

  • Sirius Corporation announced that it would be expanding its presence in the remote Sothis and Ceos systems with multiple new starports, settlements, and Megaships. The move was a response to the steadily increasing traffic in those two systems.[37]

13 JAN 3302

  • Li Yong-Rui announced that the search had resulted in the recovery of the wreckage of the Antares.

The wreckage appears to confirm that the component failure described in the ship's final status report did indeed result in the destruction of the Antares. My hope is that by subjecting the wreckage to further analysis, we will be able to determine exactly what caused the malfunction and apply this knowledge to the development of new safety protocols. With luck, we will be able to reintroduce the innovative drive technology used aboard the Antares. This discovery could serve as the catalyst for a whole new era of interplanetary travel.

— Li Yong-Rui[41]

22 DEC 3301

  • Li Yong-Rui, CEO of the Sirius Corporation's government division, announced a new official search for the Antares. He asked for Wreckage Components to be delivered to Davy Dock in the Procyon system.

Since the Antares was lost 50 years ago, there have been great advances in scanning technology, and we believe it may now be possible to find the remains of the ship. We are inviting every pilot in the galaxy to deliver wreckage components to our research base at Davy Dock in the Procyon system. Once we have accumulated enough material, we will subject the debris to comprehensive analysis to determine its origin. With luck, not only will we find the remains of the Antares, we will be able to determine her fate.

— Li Yong-Rui[42]

18 NOV 3301

  • The Sirius Corporation's appeal for osmium to at HIP 8396 came to an end, after a positive response in which hundreds of miners contributed.

The pilots who contributed to this initiative have performed a great service, and proved that the people of this galaxy are motivated as much by altruism as by the promise of reward. We are all humanitarians at heart.

— Li Yong-Rui, CEO of the Sirius Corporation[43]

05 NOV 3301

  • The Sirius Corporation's appeal for osmium to revitalise the economy of HIP 8396 started.

The people of HIP 8396 are part of the Sirius Corporation family, but if we are to help our compatriots, we will need help ourselves. So I implore all galactic citizens to contribute to this initiative, and bring a new era of peace and prosperity to HIP 8396.

— Li Yong-Rui, CEO of the Sirius Corporation[44]

22 OCT 3301

  • Following increased pirate activity in the Robigo system, Sirius Corporation offered a generous reward for anyone who helped clear the pirates out, in line with the corporation's zero-tolerance approach to those who threaten its holdings.[45]

15 OCT 3301

  • Following their expansion earlier in the year into the HIP 8396, Almagest, Sothis, Ceos, and Robigo systems, Sirius Corporation CEO Li Yong-Rui announced a new initiative to revitalise the economies of those systems. The fist stage would consist of an appeal for independent pilots to deliver osmium to HIP 8396.[32]

15 SEP 3301

  • Investigation data was handed over to the Sirius Corporation that a spokesman for Federation Vice President Nigel Smeaton's family said might help to locate the wreckage of the Highliner Antares. The data was encrypted, and had been found on a device among Nigel Smeaton's personal belongings.[46]

04 AUG 3301

  • A Sirius Corporation shuttle crashed into Patterson Enterprise in the Sirius system and was destroyed, when its docking computer failed on approach to the station. Five died, including Sean Richards, a senior consultant engineer who helped to compile the incident report on the disappearance of Starship One and, 50 years earlier, had been part of the task force of the Highliner Antares enquiry.[47]

27 MAY 3301

  • In the aftermath of the disappearance of Starship One, specialist teams from Core Dynamics and the Sirius Corporation attempted to analyse the wake and uplink data captured by the President’s Guardian Wing escorts in the moments before all four ships jumped.[48]

12 MAR 3301

02 MAR 3301

  • The Sirius Corporation announced that the reconnaissance portion of its latest colonisation project had drawn to a close. Hundreds of scout ships had contributed, gathering data on tens of thousands of potential candidate systems.[49]

28 FEB 3301

  • Sirius Corporation announced that, thanks to the work of hundreds of explorers, 8 new colonisation candidates had been identified.[50]

23 FEB 3301

  • Sirius Corporation announced its plan to launch a number of new colonial outposts to the very edges of occupied space. They offered sizeable monetary rewards for exploration data submitted to Nourse Orbital in Lambda Andromedae.

We're very excited to move forward with this project. It's been a long time coming, but finally the board have agreed it's time to get the ball rolling. We've got the tech and the volunteers, all we need now is to know where to send them.

— Ana Quin, Junior Vice President of Interstellar Logistics[35]


  • A Sirius Corporation vessel known as the Highliner Antares disappeared during its maiden flight in the Sirius system. It was the first ship to use a production version of a new type of hyperdrive. When attempting a hyperspace jump it experienced a simultaneous explosion and mis-jump. The final report concluded that the most likely cause was that a part in the drive had failed just before the jump. No wreckage from the vessel was found. This led to considerable speculation and many conspiracy theories concerning what actually occurred.[42][36]


  • The Sirius Corporation launched the first completely corporate colonisation mission, and arrived in the Sirius system. Sirius Corporation had become integrated into military and civilian production, and they had earned a trusted status with both the Federation and Empire, supplying both sides during their conflicts.[2]



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  27. GalNet: Explorers Needed for Coalsack Nebula Project
  28. GalNet: Coalsack Nebula Project Gathers Ammonia Worlds Data
  29. GalNet: Coalsack Nebula Terraforming Project Stalls
  30. Tourist Beacon 0209
  31. 31.0 31.1 Tourist Beacon 0203
  32. 32.0 32.1 Sirius Corporation Announces New Programme
  33. Meet the Powers – Li Yong-Rui
  34. Exphiay Entertains Shadow President - 10 APR 3301
  35. 35.0 35.1 Lambda Andromedae: Bringing Data Home
  36. 36.0 36.1 Remembering the Antares Incident
  37. 37.0 37.1 GalNet: Sirius Corp Announced Expansion
  38. GalNet: Coalsack Nebula Terraforming Project Stalls
  39. GalNet: Coalsack Nebula Project Gathers Ammonia Worlds Data
  40. GalNet: Explorers Needed for Coalsack Nebula Project
  41. Sirius Corporation Confirms Discovery of Antares Wreckage
  42. 42.0 42.1 The Search for the Antares
  43. Sirius Corporation Programme Ends Today
  44. Sirius Corporation Programme Begins Today
  45. Sirius Corporation Takes Aim at Pirates
  46. Vice President’s Investigation Data Found
  47. Five Killed in Shuttle Accident
  48. Federal Search Efforts Continue
  49. Sirius Exploration Survey Completes
  50. GalNet Galactic Trade-Labour Report
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