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S4 Sentry Skimmer

Skimmers are small, remotely-piloted surface vehicles used to guard sites on planetary surfaces such as Settlements and Shipwrecks. They hover over the surface of the planet, but are not considered aircraft, as they cannot attain high altitudes. Since they are piloted remotely, independent pilots can neutralise them by destroying the base sending their command signals, or if they are sufficiently far from the base, any relay towers enabling communication with the base.

When destroying Skimmers, they can occasionally drop a Very Common or Common Manufactured Material, or a canister of Skimmer Components.


Name Type Manufacturer Image
Stinger-2 Security skimmer Achilles Corporation Stinger2 closeup
S4 Sentry Security skimmer Core Dynamics S4-Sentry-Skimmer-Close-Up
S5LM Guardian Defense skimmer Core Dynamics S5LM-Guardian-Skimmer
S9 Goliath Heavy skimmer Core Dynamics S9-Goliath-Skimmer