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Bonded men and women. Almost universally illegal and shunned by most civilized nations. Great efforts have been made to stamp out this trade in misery, however a few markets remain open.

— In-Game Description

Slaves are a Slavery Commodity. They are illegal in almost all systems except those controlled by Anarchy minor factions. A single unit of Slaves consists of one cryostasis pod containing one Slave, basic clothing and limited personal effects, and life support.[1]

Unlike Imperial Slaves, which are regulated and protected by Imperial Slavery laws within the Empire, conventional slaves are individuals who have been involuntarily forced into slavery or have grown up in service. They are traded between largely unscrupulous and uncaring individuals, and are coerced into servitude with threats of torture or deadly force. A significant number of slaves are the result of black market trading in Occupied Escape Pods obtained through piracy. Conventional slaves have no status or legal protection, and are generally considered expendable property by their owners.[1]